Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead Tackles ‘Big Fat Shoulders’ Workout, Shares ‘Anabolic’ Meal Afterwards

Chris Bumstead Shoulder Workout

Chris Bumstead, one of Classic Physique’s biggest stars, is turning up the heat on his preparations for 2022 Olympia scheduled for December. In a recent video, Bumstead demonstrated a series of shoulder exercises and showed off a post-workout ‘anabolic’ meal that he swears by. 

Bumstead’s body structure, detailed conditioning, and work ethic have guided him to success as an IFBB Pro. He is a three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, eying a fourth Sandow trophy later this year. Bumstead took the title from the hands of Breon Ansley back in 2019. Ever since winning his first Olympia show in 2019, Chris has pushed himself to bring an improved package each and every time he graces bodybuilding’s most prestigious event. 

NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe Shows Off Shredded Physique On 54th Birthday

Shannon Sharpe

It is clear that NFL players are some of the greatest overall athletes in the world. So it would be logical to think that years of physical contact and draining workouts would get too much for anyone. However, Shannon Sharpe has managed to continue training like a world-class athlete, despite retiring from the NFL more than twenty years ago. That has resulted in an incredible physique, which would be fitting for a bodybuilder. 

During his 54th birthday celebration on June 26, 2022, Shannon Sharpe shared photos of his physique. His Instagram post featured a front-to-back photo of his entire upper body. So, his most eye-catching details were the all-around shredder back, huge arms, and prominent abs. Sharpe also shared a few videos in the same post, some of which were of motivational character.

Strongman Robert Oberst Demonstrates Three Tips to Improve Your Deadlift

Robert Oberst Deadlift Tips

The deadlift is one of the most common exercises in the gym repertoire. The majority of gym-goers strive to raise as much weight as possible during this exercise. Well, luckily for those who seek improvement, one of the greatest Strongman athletes, Robert Oberst, has posted a video with the aim of helping everyone. In the video, Robert shared and demonstrated three tips which have the potential of upgrading the deadlift abilities to a whole new level

Robert Oberst is coming off an injury which prevented him from competing as usual in the 2022 season. So, he is taking things slow and has to build his deadlift from the ground up. Robert is currently preparing for the 2022 World’s Strongest Nation, which is set to take place on November 26, at the M&S Bank Arena, in Liverpool, England. He will be the captain for team USA with eight teammates following his lead. As he will be presented with a demanding task, Robert is already looking to make improvements in training, so he will be utilizing these deadlift tips as well. 

Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada Train Together Ahead of 2022 Olympia: ‘We Want to Face Each Other at 100%’

Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada train together

One of bodybuilding’s most exciting rivalries between top 2021 Olympia finishers Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada will be settled once and for all this December. “The Mutant” and Labrada recently made headlines after training together in preparation for 2022 Mr. Olympia. 

Nick Walker quickly established himself as a threat in the Men’s Open division throughout the last couple of years. The New Jersey native put the rest of his division on notice when he won the 2021 New York Pro. Momentum followed the IFBB Pro at the Arnold Classic in the same year, a contest that saw him victorious en route to defeating the likes of Iain Valliere and Steve Kuclo. Before leaving last year in the rearview, Walker competed at 2021 Olympia where he managed to earn fifth place in his debut. 

Bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant Reports ‘No Blockages’ with ‘Stabilized’ Heart, says He’s Not Retired

Antoine Vaillant Heart Update

Popular Men’s Open competitor Antoine Vaillant revealed that a heart issue prevented him from competing in the sport of bodybuilding earlier this year. In a recent video, Vaillant opened up about his current health and the decision to continue training as a bodybuilder. 

Vaillant last competed at 2020 Mr. Olympia, a competition that saw him earn 14th place on his first attempt. While he might have had less experience than many of his peers, Vaillant brought an incredibly balanced physique to the most prestigious event of the year, proving he could hang with elite-level talent. Following his impressive Olympia showing, Vaillant began to celebrate in light of his success on the Pro circuit. 

Machine Triceps Extension – Muscles Worked, How-To, Benefits, and Alternatives

Machine Triceps Extension

Bodybuilders LOVE to flex their biceps, and even recreational exercisers like to show off their biceps from time to time. But, while the biceps are undeniably the glamour muscle of bodybuilding and fitness, the triceps are every bit as important.

The triceps actually make up a more significant percentage of your upper arm mass. As such, if you want arms you can truly be proud of, you need to dedicate at least as much time to triceps training as you do working your biceps.

2022 Sheru Classic Italy Pro Results and Recap

2022 Sheru Classic Italy Pro

The 2022 Sheru Classic took place on June 25, 2022, in Rome, Italy. Competitors from Classic Physique, Men’s Physique and Bikini divisions took to the stage looking to earn the invitation to compete at Mr. Olympia in December.

The 2022 season of bodybuilding is underway with athletes gathering from around the world, presenting their physiques, in hopes to secure a coveted invitation to Mr. Olympia this winter. 2022 Olympia will take place from Dec. 16th – 18th in Las Vegas, NV

Powerlifter Anna Pardzhiani Crushes a 210-kg (463-lb) Deadlift For a Six Rep PR

Pardzhiani Anna Deadlift

The country of Georgia is widely known for its incredible strength athletes, as the likes of Lasha Talakhadze, Levan Saginashvili, Konstantine Janashia, and more are representing it. In spite of this, one woman is putting up an impressive performance as any of her fellow countrymen. Anna Pardzhiani is an elite-level powerlifter who is blowing people’s minds with unfathomable feats of strength. This time Anna claimed a new PR by deadlifting 210 kilograms (463 pounds) for six repetitions.

Anna Pardzhiani’s six-rep deadlift was not raw, at least by powerlifting standards, as she used lifting straps to aid her in the set. Additionally, she also used a lifting belt, while her stance was conventional. Anna did not hold back from the start, as her first three repetitions went up very explosively. She started to slow down a bit after that, but still comfortably locked out the other three reps. After finishing the sixth repetition, a smirk of satisfaction lit up Anna’s face.