Claire Mainous

Powerlifting is a sport that sees athletes from all ages able to find success. This even applies to ten year old Claire Mainous, who just scored herself an American Record with her incredible squatting skills.

Indiana’s own Mainous loves to have fun competing at powerlifting meets. However it is about more than just that for her, as she has also shown an incredible amount of skill with what she does, making her a real threat for the future.

This was put on display recently, when she competed in a recent powerlifting meet, scoring a new American Record with her incredible 177.5lb (80.5kg) squat. You can check out a video of this incredible performance, courtesy of USA Powerlifting’s Instagram page.

“NEW AMERICAN SQUAT RECORD FOR 10 YEAR OLD HPT ATHLETE – CLAIRE MAINOUS!!!! 80.5kg / 177.5lbs at a body weight of 87lbs”

The Future Is Bright For Claire Mainous

There are a plethora of young powerlifting talents to keep an eye out for, but Claire Mainous is by far one of the most promising. At just 10 years old, there is practically nothing stopping her from growing and developing into one of the best lifters in the world in the years to come.

Training out of Hartman Performance Training, in Bargersville, Indiana, she has already broken numerous records in her home state. Now she’s moved on to American records, and the entire strength sports world is left in shock.

Mainous competed for the first time last October, and it was clear from the start that we were looking at something special. She was the only one competing in her division, but she went 8/9 on her lifts, and was even able to deadlift nearly twice her bodyweight.

Mainous followed this up with another meet earlier this year, again walking away with a win. This was at the 2021 USAPL Beyond Limits Classic on February 13th, and she was able squat 154.3lb, as part of her 421lb total.

The fact that just a few months later, Claire was hitting 177.5lb on the squat demonstrates the exact kind of rapid growth and improvement that you would hope to see from someone so young. It just serves as further proof that her future in the sport is about as bright as it could possibly be, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the years to come.

Powerlifting has become an avenue for a variety of athletes, of different ages and backgrounds to find success. Claire Mainous is just the just example that you can never be too young to do something great.

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