5 Best TRX Chest Exercises (Plus Workout) For Bigger Chest Gains

TRX Chest Exercises

The TRX (Total Resistance Exercises) is one of the best training tools you can have at your disposal right now, and anytime really. It allows you to use your own bodyweight (aka suspension training) to do any workout you can think of.

It comes with anchors so that you can secure it almost anywhere and you’re good to go. And today, we wanted to offer some of the best exercises possible with the TRX for bigger chest gains in both muscle size and strength. 

Now, there are different TRX systems and it doesn’t really matter which you have (as long as you can use it). But for this workout/list of exercises, you’ll need to know how to use yours.

Here are the best chest exercises with the TRX suspension trainer…

Important form tips: Make sure to keep your body neutral and shoulder blades back for optimal stability during all exercises. Your arms should be slightly tucked in to protect your shoulder joints with your lats flexed as well. 

Exercise 1: Chest Press

Chest press w/ straps under the arms (3 sets x failure)

The basic chest press should be a staple of your TRX training whether you use it as a warm-up or a working exercise. However, a simple modification makes it so much more difficult… hold the straps under your armpits and do the press. 

This requires more tricep and front delt activation along with the chest too, of course. The simple tweak is also ideal for emphasizing the lower abdominal head of the chest although it’ll still activate the full pectoralis major (major chest muscle). Plus, it prevents the straps from getting in the way which can be quite annoying.

  •  Place the straps under your armpits and hold the handles as shown in the video. 

Note: The closer you are to the anchor, the harder the exercise will be and vice versa. 

Exercise 2: Single-arm Push-up

Single-arm push-up (3 sets x 10-12 reps)

So most people cannot do a single-arm push-up because your own body weight is a lot to press up using just one arm. Well, the TRX makes this a bit more possible. The reason being is that while you’re in the push-up position with one hand planted on the floor, the other is holding and assisting during the exercise.

This movement is sort of like a push-up/fly combo.

  • Spread your feet out a little wider than normal for optimal balance and as you lower yourself down, allow the non-working arm to extend. Then, as you pushup, you can pull it toward you if needed.

Exercise 3: Plyo Push-ups

Plyo push-ups (3 sets x failure)

If you’ve checked out our resources on bodyweight chest training, we often include a decline push-up variation. That’s because having your feet elevated creates a much larger challenge than a standard push-up. It also shifts the emphasis of the exercise to your upper chest. 

Although, you’re still working the overall chest because you cannot target one area and leave another out. Then, by adding in an explosive, plyometric component, you’re improving upper body athletic function and power.

  • Place your feet in the handles and lower yourself down to the floor. When you press up, jump your hands off the floor and repeat.

Exercise 4: Chest Fly

Exercise 4: Chest fly (2 sets x 12-15 reps)

We recommend always including some form of the chest fly as it allows for a more pronounced stretch across a larger portion of the chest. The eccentric (negative) phase of a repetition, is an important component of muscular development, strength, and injury prevention.

And then when you perform the concentric (positive) portion, you’re activating fibers and building strength in potential weak areas that aren’t addressed with the press alone. 

Using a suspension trainer can be as challenging as using weights and cables which makes it a must-have if you’re using the TRX For Bigger Chest gains.

  • Open your arms relatively wide and keep your elbows slightly bent to protect your shoulders and to prevent injury. You only need to feel a decent stretch but don’t overdo it.

Note: The closer you are to the anchor, the harder the exercise will be and vice versa. 

Exercise 5: Atomic Pike Push-up

Exercise 5: Atomic Pike push-up (2 sets x failure)

If you want to really hammer your upper body pushing muscles, the Atomic pike push-up is truly a beast of a movement. But that’s good because you need a challenge to grow and get stronger.

Now, the basic pike push-up is usually performed on all fours with your butt lifted high to form an upside-down V. This creates a lot more resistance to push against. 

However, the TRX variation is performed a little differently since the butt is lifted during the eccentric-only portion. This exhausts the pushing muscles and activates more upper body stabilization.

  • Start by doing a push-up and then form the inverted V with your body before repeating this pattern for reps. Make sure to keep your core muscles tight.

Wrapping Up

Using the TRX for bigger chest gains is a great way to spice up your training. You have a lot of options with your suspension trainer and there’s always a way to make an exercise more difficult. Today we showed you a few exercises we recommend you have in your arsenal and now, it’s time to put them to work!

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