7 Best Exercises to Improve Pulling Strength for CrossFit Athletes

Best Exercises To Improve Pulling Strength

Even if it’s not for CrossFit, finding ways to Improve Pulling Strength is a key factor in physical fitness.

The base for pulling strength is gymnastics. A lot of gymnastic principles can be applied to CrossFit training. Utilizing plenty of pulling and pushing motions is important to CrossFit. The better you are at pulling, the better you will be at CrossFit.

Here are 7 of the Best Exercises to Improve Pulling Strength for CrossFit Athletes.

Ring Rows

A good ring row is a great way to improve your pull ups. Rings rows are also great on your shoulder muscles. 

Supinated Wide Grip Pull Up

If you thought pull ups were hard, try out wide grip pull ups. These bad boys will improve both your flexibility and mobility. This workout is another one to improve your shoulders. 

Wide grip pull ups will improve your range of motion and strength. 

Banded Clean Pulls

A solid clean pull is one of weightlifting’s most basic exercises. Just because it’s old school, doesn’t mean its not worth it. A good clean will not only improve your pull but also your poster and balance.

Snatch Pulls

Snatch pulls are essential for strength and good technique. The key here is mastering your form. Pulls are all about long term results. You may not feel the effects immediately. 

Sumo Deadlifts

Nothing like a good deadlift. Now for a sumo deadlift it’s all about the range of motion. Another great thing about sumo deadlifts is it’s less stress on your lower back. 

A byproduct of sumo deadlifts is more power added to your glutes. This well help with squat gains as well.

Barbell Rows

The best thing about barbell rows is all the ways it can help you. Add barbell rows to your program and watch you increase your numbers for Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Grip strength and overall back strength is another benefit of this exercise.

In other words, don’t forget about the friendly barbell or rows.

Strict Pull Ups / Weighted Pull Ups

A pull up is the most basic exercise, but you can do so much with it. Once you master a pull up it can go a long way. Pull ups are still one of the best ways to build upper body strength. 

Add a weighted pull up for even a bigger challenge and a bigger payoff. 

For quality and intensity:

42 Strict CTB pull ups
28 Strict CTB Pull ups +35#
14 Strict CTB Pull ups +53#

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