Annie Thorisdottir Shares Killer At-Home Workout With No Equipment!

Annie Thorisdottir

With the current global health crisis, home workouts are becoming a must. Therefore Annie Thorisdottir shared her home workout plan, and it is pretty intense.

Thorisdottir is one of the fittest women in the world. She won the CrossFit Games in 2010 and 2014, becoming the first female to win the Games twice. Even when she is not winning, she is always near the top of the heap, making her a true mainstay in the sport.

Considering the fact that Annie Thorisdottir is currently expecting a baby, she is forced to take extra precautions when it comes to her health. As a result, she is being sure to stay at home and follow safety procedures during these challenging times. However she still wants to stay active, even though she is unable to go to the gym.

Lucky for us, Annie is quite good at thinking outside the box. She took to her YouTube channel to share her intense at-home workout. What makes this one different from some of the other workouts shown by other people, is the fact that none of the exercises shown require the use of any equipment.

This is the workout plan Annie laid out:

3 sets, for 3 minutes

  • Tempo Lunges/Bulgarian Split Squats (8 reps)
  • Planks (20-40 seconds)

4 rounds, 8 intervals, 20 seconds each

  • Jump squats
  • Push-ups
  • Gorilla squats
  • Plank tuck jumps
  • Tuck ups
  • Hollow rocks

Thorisdottir starts off the workout lesson with an extensive amount of stretching. She explains how important it is to stretch properly, especially when exercising at home. Then she jumped right into the first part of the exercises.

Thorisdottir does a great job explaining how the lunges, (Bulgarian split squats if you want a more challenging workout) are done. They are completed at 2 second intervals, for 8 reps on each side, nice and slowly. Then after the final rep, you hold the lunge position for 8 seconds, and do 8 reps at your own pace. After that, the first part of the workout is capped off with some lunges.

For the second part of the workout, Thorisdottir gets her husband Federick Aegidius to assist in the demonstration.

“I am not just getting big from isolation, and eating burritos,” Thorisdottir joked. “I am pregnant so I have a hard time with some of the movements.”

For each workout in the second part, Annie says to do 20 seconds on, with 10 seconds to rest. She does a great job explaining the form of each exercise, alongside Federick. Moreover she says this is her favorite part of the workout.

All in all, Annie Thorisdottir put together a pretty solid workout plan here. She even offers ways to scale it, based on your own fitness levels. This is a great routine to try, while you are unable to go to the gym.


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