Arnold Schwarzenegger Tackles Weight Loss Challenge For March

Arnold Schwarzenegger Weight Loss

While many gyms have reopened around the globe and people are reintroducing themselves back to the active lifestyle… well, some of us still choose to snack away and pretend like being inactive is the new way of living because of the pandemic. Hey, don’t feel bad though, even the great Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t get the memo

That’s right, he’s gained 10 lbs of not-so-good weight which may not seem like much but for a former 7x Mr. Olympia champion and history’s most admired fitness icon, it is.

A few days ago, 73-year-old Schwarzenegger shared a post on Instagram explaining that although he still trains and rides his bike every day, he was not exempt from Covid-10, and by that he means packing on those 10 pounds of extra weight. Well, he certainly isn’t pleased with himself right now. 

“When I look at myself in the mirror at night and see the belly,” he said. I’m cursing myself out saying “Arnold, you won 13 world bodybuilding titles. The Guinness Book of World Records called you “The most perfectly developed man in the history of the world!” What the hell happened to the six pack? What is going on here? This is depressing.”

While he’s got a point, “come on Arnie, it happens to the best of us“. So his goal now is to get back down to 218 from his current weight and that may require him to say no to the sweets and bread for a bit.  

“Now I’m committing to all of you: This month I am going to drop the weight I gained and get back to 218 again. I am going to conquer March. Who is with me?”

You can read his full post below… 

This post was part of a new newsletter that Schwarzenegger has decided to start where he can share content that he normally wouldn’t which should be interesting. 

“I finally started a monthly newsletter! I’m going to share advices, photos and videos I don’t put on social media, and my unfiltered thoughts. It’s a place for all of us to really connect. Today I am having a blast reading all of your replies”

Schwarzenegger never ceases to keep himself busy and involved with many things and that may be why he’s only gained ten pounds during the quarantine. Even after his heart procedure late last year, it wasn’t long before he was out and about on his bike around town. 

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Then as things start to return to normal, he’ll probably be on the go all the time. But let’s see if he can reach his goal weight of 218 and conquer the rest of March.


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