Beatriz Biscaia – Complete Profile: Height, Weight, Biography

Beatriz Biscaia

Beatriz Biscaia is a fitness model with dual citizenship in both Canada and Portugal. Having been born with rich Portuguese features, she learned at a young age how to use them for business. Today, she is known as the youngest IFBB Bikini Pro competitor and won her pro card at the age of 17. Nobody else has ever done that before.

How did she get there?

Beatriz Biscaia

(IFBB Bikini Olympian, Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete)

Full Name: Beatriz Biscaia
Height Weight Age Date of Birth
115-125lb (52.2kg-56.7kg) 5’2″ (157.5cm) 20 years April 12th, 2001
Nationality Era
Portuguese 2010, 2020
Beatriz Biscala 6

Early Life

It was dance that first inspired Beatriz to move it like a rock star, and it gave her the athletic capabilities to move it like a Pro Bikini Olympian today. She’s now into her second year as a Pro and her Instagram story shows a modest and humble athlete who is honored by it all.

“Second-year as a pro and the second time qualified for the huge @mrolympiallc. It’s such an honor to share the stage with amazing athletes like all of these girls above. I am still living the dream of “I qualified!!” after this crazy year full of problems. Turns out this year has been the most amazing one to me, so far. I’m BLESSED to be doing what I truly love, and what I absolutely want for my life. We did it @joe_binley ❤️”

It all started after a childhood of dance lessons. Beatriz Biscaia started going to the gym just a few years ago, at the mere age of 16. Beatriz Biscaia has left dance at 15, but she still wanted to use her body for inspiration, and to try something new.

After watching her father weightlift and attain significant results, bodybuilding was fascinating to her, which is rare in the 16-year-old category. Once she started, Beatriz Biscaia learned what it feels like to become addicted to weightlifting. She couldn’t put them down after that and is going strong today with some wonderful accomplishments.

Molding her physique into what it is today became a passion.

Mediocre was never something that Beatriz Biscaia could do, and her bodybuilding career as so successful so early is evidence of that. She spent months in the gym building a body she liked, and decided to take that up a few notches at the competition level.

With her stunning beauty and features, coupled with the joy of bodybuilding, it didn’t take long for Beatriz to become good at it. And she wasn’t just good. She began to win.

Some of her first-place wins include the Diamond Cup Thorn, Rui Ferreira Contest, and the Portugal Classic. All this at the age of 16. Somehow she intuitively understood that her best was still to come.

It is that dedication that landed Beatriz Biscaia on the stage of the IFBB Bikini Pro competition. By 17 she had accomplished something that nobody else in the world had ever done and become the youngest IFBB Bikini Pro in history.

Beatriz Biscala 5

Beatriz Biscaia Competition and Career

At a very young age, Beatriz Biscaia has a list of competition results on her resume:

• PFBB National Championship – Second Place Bikini Junior
• Diamond Cup Thorn – First Place Bikini Junio
• Rui Ferreira Trophy – First Place Overall Bikini Fitness
• Arnold Classic Europe – Ninth Place Junior Bikini
• Portugal Classic – First Place Overall Bikini Fitness

Between 2018 and 2020, Beatriz Biscaia has not stopped competing. These are her results:

• 2018 – Kai Greene Classic Pro Bikini, First
• 2019 – Muscle Contest Japan Pro Bikini, Second
• 2019 – Big Man Weekend Pro Bikini, First
2019 – Toronto Pro Bikini, Fourth
• 2019 – Vancouver Pro Bikini, Second
• 2019 – Portugal Pro Bikini, Tenth
2019 – Olympia Bikini, Twelfth
• 2019 – Yamamoto Cup Pro Bikini, Second
• 2020 – Muscle Contest Japan Pro Bikini, Seventh
• 2020 – Bikini International, Seventh
• 2020 – European Pro Bikini, Second
• 2020 – Battle of Texas Pro Bikini, Fifth
• 2020 – Olympia Bikini, Sixteenth

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It’s just the beginning for Beatriz Biscaia. That’s the magic of her story.

Beatriz Biscaia – Training Regimen

It takes some work to get to this level of fitness, and Beatriz Biscaia is not shy about talking about that. She is training five or six times weekly and holds off on her cardio until she is preparing for a competition.

Her favorite spot to work out is her shoulders. Sher prefers lateral raises and hip adductors.

Today she is posting Instagram stories that focus not on her stunning beauty, but on the work, it takes to get her body to the competition level. It’s clearly working for her.

“Part of today’s session ‘cause I forgot to record the rest 😅😅

Back is the muscle group that I struggle the most to connect with 🧠💪🏾, that’s why I don’t fully extend my elbow – I find it easier to feel my lats during the entire movement.”

Her entire session looked like this:

  • Lat Pulldown SS Rear delt machine 5x
  • Single Arm Pull 4x
  • Cable Rope Pullover 5x
  • Close Grip Lat Pulldown 5x
  • Cable Rear Delt 5x SS tradicional cable rope tricep 3x
  • Abs (tradicional) 5x
Beatriz Biscala 9

Every day is a different muscle group to work out, and it is not always the same routine.  This is a normal glute day for her:

“GLUTEEEE DAYYYY with the babe @ab_bikinifit

It’s so good to train with someone who trains as hard as you do! This girl is 🔥 and I’m glad I get to share life with her every week on @the.centerstage 💕 I’m grateful for having you around, Ash!

Just under 1.5 weeks out from the @mrolympiallc for both of us. #LFG !!!”

Here’s the entire session:

  • Hip Thruster 5x progressive overload + 1 backup set SS
  • Barbell Curtesy Lunge 4x
  • Single Leg Leg Press 4x SS
  • Unilateral Stiff 4x
  • Smith Machine Kneeling Squat 5x
  • Abductor machine 4x SS
  • 45 Degree Hyper 4x
  • Standing Calves 3x

Shoulders, legs, abs, arms, and glutes, are key workout days with each area getting laser-focus attention on that day of the week. She has to change her routine on a weekly basis to ensure her muscles do not “remember” the workout easier, and this is how she accomplishes the results you see here.

Inspired by her father who was an active weightlifter Beatriz Biscaia likes to promote weightlifting and bodybuilding to women. She wants to send the message that it can be a womanly thing to do as well. Beatriz trains with the mindset that heavy workouts with weights are what build the curves and physique she has today.

She is always posting her fitness workouts on Instagram and likes to post just before a competition. Here’s one from a comp prep with her comments,

“Last session before the @mrolympiallc and couldn’t ask for a better one with the big brother @bradbrowe 😁 it’s so good to share moments with good people and Brad is for sure one of them. Glad I met you!”

Beatriz Biscaia – Diet and Nutrition

Every minute of Beatriz Biscaia’s life is planned, right up to the second she steps on the competition floor. For eating, she has what is called a “restricted feeding” plan. The method is to reduce calories overall and lose fat as steadily as possible. This maximizes her fat loss so that she can keep the physique she wins on.

Closer to the competition date, Beatriz will cut carbohydrates and stick to protein and rice. Her overall diet includes:

• Red meat
• Sweet potatoes
• Eggs
• Oats
• Whole-grain pasta
• Rice
• Vegetables

This is the oatmeal recipe she puts on Instagram, and she encourages her supporters to add flavor to oatmeal in a variety of healthy ways, such as peanut butter, cinnamon, whey, or sweetener like Stevia, but not sugar.

“Mix your first 3 ingredients (no measurement for the water 👀)
2. Cook it in the microwave (wait for 2-3’ before taking it out and mixing again, then every 1-1.5’ until you get your desired consistency)
3. Add @professornutz on top. The more the merrier!!!
4. Add cinnamon if you like!
5. Tag me when you do it! 🤓

P.s: if you don’t have or like flavored oats, you can add stevia/sweetener/whey! Give them some life!”

Beatriz Biscala 2


Being a professional bikini model and competitor means sponsorships. Beatriz Biscaia has just announced a new sponsorship that includes supplements.

“The NEW face of @projectadofficial !!

Being part of the brand is this: contributing everyday to make it better, to polish it.

I am glad I got to work on this new branding. Every experience with this family is pricelessss! I can’t wait to see it on the shelves in 2021.

The best is yet to come ❤️👌🏼”

Other supplements that she takes include the following:

• Multi-vitamin
• Omega 3-6-9
• BCAA’s
• Glutamine
• Collagen
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin E

Personal Life and Health

As it stands now, Beatriz Biscaia has a boyfriend but does not talk much about her personal life. She did post a Valentine’s Day message to him this year:

“Happy Valentines to the one who doesn’t get tired of my complaints!! It’s incredible how it’s been almost a year, and I’m proud of us for everything that we’ve been through so far. Love ya so much”

In addition to romance, Beatriz is an avid horseback rider. The last time she got on a horse she posted it to social media and said, “Life is definitely shining again.”


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