Best Ways To Say Goodbye To Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Weight loss and transformation from Yokozuna (a big strong fat man) to a regular-looking guy is a very difficult task by itself. Let’s say you did it successfully! But you are facing a completely different problem now – loose skin after weight loss.

You’ve been training and restraining for months, maybe even years. You transformed your lifestyle and nutrition, put everything you had, and now the excess skin is an obstacle to your perfect look. A real champion will never give up in the middle of the road. The light at the end of the tunnel shines bright and your only mission is reaching it.

The loose skin might be a tremendous problem, and you might think you don’t get the desired results. Stop pitying yourself! There is nothing wrong if your ultimate goal is building strong, lean, handsome, and sexy body. Here are our in-depth look and recommendations what can be done about it!

Excess Skin After Weight Loss – Options, Causes, Problems, And Solutions:

You may try to tighten skin after weight loss or you can remove it via surgery. We are sure you don’t want to let it hang and look like a scarecrow.

If you choose to try tightening it up, there are four principles you need to follow:

  • Stay hydrated – try to drink at least 8-9 cups of water per day;
  • Lose your weight gradually applying regular strength training sessions all the time;
  • Eat proper food;
  • Improve the maintenance of your skin – daily exfoliation, hot bath with sea salts, skin tightening creams are good solutions, while we recommend you to stay away from harsh detergents, shampoos, dishwashing liquids, prolonged exposure to the sun, and chlorinated water.

If you were losing weight on a healthy basis, you can try to tighten it up and improve its elasticity, leaving surgery as a final solution. It is possible when your levels of loose skin are small or moderate.

Fat cells can adjust to width changes a lot faster than skin cells. When you lose fat quickly, your skin won’t shrink at the same rate of speed as your fat cells, and the imbalance will lead to loose skin. The loss that could be tolerated without an occurrence of sagging skin after weight loss is 1-3 lbs per week.

The loose skin is caused by a sudden weight loss, and it is more a problem to the patients who lose their weight suddenly via surgery, without including exercises into their daily routine.

The best way to remove excess skin is a cosmetic surgery, known as body contouring. It also has one very positive effect – those who undergo are less likely to regain their weight that the ones who didn’t. It is a great way to remove sagging skin after weight loss.

How can I improve my skin elasticity?

The elasticity of your skin is based on the length of your obesity. Humans lose skin elasticity as the years go by.

You can improve skin elasticity in a few ways:

  • Bodybuilding and training sessions will speed up your metabolism and remove some fat storage but won’t affect your skin much – combine cardio and weights for better overall effect.
  • Excessive levels of stress lead to sagging skin by itself – stop being so nervous and start looking for good and positive things in your life.
  • Quit smoking and drinking – as you get older, your skin losses elasticity – smoking, alcohol, and recreational drugs will speed the process up.
  • Use moisturizing and massage for better skin tone and tightness.
  • Meditate – healing your body spiritually leads to the better overall health of your body, and consequently, your skin.

How long does it take to tighten loose skin?

Unfortunately, you have to be patient and give some time to your skin! It gradually tightens up, at least partially, if you follow a regular routine. Maintain your weight loss process for one to two years and follow results. Your time is heavily dependent on your previous level of obesity, persistence, and your training habits.

Recommended Foods For Better Skin Elasticity

There are many foods which can improve your skin elasticity. The most important ones are fruits and vegetables, which are the main source of vitamin C. These groceries are also a great source of water, which in combination affects positively on skin elasticity and hydration. The most desired ones are blueberries, green leafy vegetables, and yellow- or orange-colored fruits and vegetables.

Nuts, legumes, and beans are an amazing source of protein which replaces dead skin cells. Vitamin E, mostly found in nuts, decreases sagging and wrinkling of your skin and improves elasticity. Nuts are also rich in biotin, which has a role in skin cell production. Cooper also improves the elasticity of the skin, and it is present in peas in beans mostly.

Fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, walnuts, and flaxseeds are sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which maintain the flexibility of your skin, provide a better structure for cell membranes, and prevent drying.

Water is also vital for to prevent sagging skin after weight loss. When the skin is hydrated properly, there are fewer chances that your skin will lack in elasticity. Drinking more water plumps up your skin cells.

Final Word

So, you know what are the risks when you transform your body from obese to slim. If you have already created a problem, start losing your weight slowly, so your skin can get used to it. You might lose your weight suddenly, but you will have to deal loose skin after weight loss and undergo surgery.

Maybe your skin will look like a balloon, who knows… make sure you try all the methods here before you go for the final solution.


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