Bodybuilder Kris Pierce Shares Her Incredible 83lb Weight Loss Transformation

Kris Pierce

You may think that there is no hope for you to reach and achieve your fitness goals. However Kris Pierce is here to show you that, no matter you’re starting place you can always turn things around, and make your dreams a reality.

As a Women’s Physique athlete, you are required to have a super lean frame. The judging criteria for competitions states that these athletes need a balance of muscle throughout their body, with more density than the Figure division. Moreover, the judges look for athletes that have fully muscular bellies, all the while maintaining a thin physique.

None of these qualities were something that NPC athlete Kris Pierce had, when she began her weight loss journey. However she began working with IFBB Pro Theresa Ivancik, who helped her find the proper diet and training plans. Then, as a post to Theresa’s Instagram shows, Kari managed to go from overweight and unhealthy at 240lb, to being a lean 157lb and preparing for a competition.

“Believe In yourself – EVERY SINGLE DAY- and you will be unstoppable 🔥
240lbs – 157lbs

This type of transformation can be more then done!

Will it takes time yes…
Will it be a lifestyle change yes..
Will you struggle yes..
Will you get frustrated yes..
Have bad days yes..
Give up NO!!! has shown that hard work, dedication, persistence and determination is the key to success!!
This is the last look till show time!

Over the course of this prep she kept much higher calories with less cardio and weekly refeeds… everyone’s program is different and will be different… reducing calories right out of the gate doesn’t work for everyone .. most people under-eat and need more food..! Cardio does not work for everyone either and should only be added if needed! What works for one person will not always work for another.. you have to find what works for you and give it time and consistency and you will reach that goals you had set out to reach!!!!”

This is without a doubt, one of the most inspirational transformations you will ever see. Kris Pearce managed to turn her life around with some help, and now she is competing at bodybuilding events. It does not get much better than that.

Congratulations to Kris Pearce on dropping 83lb, at the same time as putting on some muscle. She is a massive inspiration, and although there is still plenty more work to do on her physique in terms of competition, she has already come such a long way and should be proud.


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