Brooke Wells Out Of 2021 CrossFit Games Following Arm Injury

Brooke Wells Crossfit Games

The last day of the 2021 CrossFit Games takes place on Sunday, August 1st. Unfortunately it will be going down without Brooke Wells on the field, as she suffered some sort of arm injury during Saturday’s event.

Wells went into the penultimate day of the CrossFit Games with momentum on her side, having scored in the top five in three events so far. She had 660 points heading into Day Three, and was looking to keep her place as one of the top athletes on the field.

Things seemed to be heading into that direction early into Saturday as well, with a strong 8th place performance in Event 10. After she landed dead last in Event 11, she was hoping to rebound in a big way for Event 12.

This was a snatch event, done for a one-rep max, and while Brooke Wells came in 10th place during this event, things took a turn for the worst when she was rushed off of the field, gripping her arm. It was revealed in a Twitter post from HQ shortly after, that she suffered an injury that has yet to be disclosed at the time of writing, and it is forcing her out of the contest just one day before its conclusion.

“Brooke Wells has been medically withdrawn from competition. Wells has been cleared for release by the CrossFit medical team and is returning to her accommodations.”

Brooke Wells’s 2021 CrossFit Game Performance

While she was far from the first athlete to be forced out in the middle of the 2021 CrossFit Games, it is still disappointing to see Brooke Wells go. Especially given how she well she was doing during the contest.

Given the massive lead that reigning Fittest Woman on Earth® Tia-Clair Toomey has, it was unlikely that Brooke would have won the contest. However at the time of her injury she was in 8th place overall, and just a few strong showings away from placing even higher.

Here is how Brooke Wells performed at the 2021 CrossFit Games:

  • Event One: 27th place (1:18:11.08)
  • Event Two: 15th place (11:27.07)
  • Event Three: 2nd place (01:24.43)
  • Event Four: 4th place(14:34.55)
  • Event Five: 15th place (13:11.27)
  • Event Six: 7th place (06:15.22)
  • Event Seven: 9th place (06:00.43)
  • Event Eight: 3rd place (02:08.08)
  • Event Nine: 9th place (04:48.01)
  • Event Ten: 8th place (23:06.38)
  • Event Eleven: 20th place (115 reps)
  • Event Twelve: 10th place (185.0lb)

It is extremely unfortunate to see Brooke Wells unable to finish this contest that she worked so har for. While she will certainly be missed for the rest of the 2021 CrossFit Games, one can only hope that she recovers soon.


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