Calum Von Moger Has A Super Hard Core Home Workout Plan For You To Try

Calum Von Moger

Like most of us, Calum Von Moger is currently forced do to his training at home. However as he shared recently, that does not mean he has to stop having ridiculously intense workout sessions.

Von Moger is one of the most popular bodybuilding prospects in the world. Although he does not have much competition experience, he grew to fame from his role as a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Generation Iron film. Since then, he has blown people away on his Instagram page and YouTube channel, drawing fans for his incredible physique.

A frame like his means that Calum Von Moger is constantly in the gym. However with the current global health crisis having put a stop to the ability to go to the gym to train, he has been forced to find ways to still get in strong workouts, while at home. While there are plenty of other people doing similar things right now, the string of videos he shared depicts one of the most intense home workout plans we have seen yet.

Take a look:

This workout from Calum Von Moger consists of the following:

  • Dips 
  • Barbell curls
  • Barbell rows

Von Moger does as many reps as he can with the dips, which was certainly a lot. Then for the curls, he does two different grips, while wearing a plate on his chest. Following that, he finished off the workout with a good set of rows.

All in all, Calum offers a pretty decent workout set here. Unfortunately not everyone will have the equipment to do it at home, but if you do then these are some good exercises to keep you busy right now. Otherwise you can check out other home workout plans that need no equipment.

It is good to see people like Calum Von Moger and others share their experience with training at home. This is clearly not ideal for anybody, but it is good to see how others are coping.


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