Dolly Castro

Dolly Castro started off life with dreams of becoming a chef, that differed from her family’s dreams of her becoming a lawyer. She became neither. Today, she is a fitness model with an Instagram account of over 6 million followers, and the creator of her own clothing line called Bars and Branches.

Dolly’s motto is, “When you focus on the good, the good gets better.” That’s exactly what happened in Dolly Castro’s life.

This is her story.

Dolly Castro

CrossFit Athlete, Fitness Model

Full Name: Dolly Castro
Height Weight Age Date of Birth

(165 cm)



36 years July 14th, 1984
Nationality Era
Nicaraguan 2010, 2020
Dolly Castro 3

Early Life

Dolly Castro today is a married woman in Miami, with a daughter she loves named Karen. She started off her passion for fitness when she was very young, despite her parent’s dreams of her becoming a lawyer. She’s not only beautiful, but brilliant too. She found her success in fitness, and today has an Instagram following of millions, and an active Twitter family as well.

It all started when she was born in Managua, Nicaragua, Central America. She fell in love with fitness at an early age, and took her hard work all the way to Instagram fame. When Dolly Castro was young, she lived a normal life, and did not pay much attention to the big dreams she had. She wanted to be a chef, while her family saw her brains and had dreams of her being a lawyer.

Dolly Castro had a religious upbringing and a family who valued education. Even though she wanted to be a chef, her family values in education led her to law school so she could make her parents proud. By the time she finished high school, she had a little girl named Karen. Unlike many other models, Dolly Castro began her life in modelling after she’d had a child.

Dolly Castro’s family supported her as she started, and that is when she decided to move to America. Dolly moved to Miami, and it did not take long for the world to notice her. She became a sensation almost instantly. Multiple modelling agencies began calling.

Today, Dolly Castro has been on a number of magazine covers, and on television. Her near-instant fame led her to launch her own clothing line.

Competition and Career

As Dolly Castro began working in Miami, her social media profiles began to blossom. She began to take the social media aspect of her work seriously. She began to get recognized by people from all over the world. Dolly Castro eventually leveraged her social media into a business and began her clothing line. She is one of those women entrepreneurs that feels that if she can inspire just one woman, she’s done a good job. In her career now, Dolly feels like she is doing exactly what she is meant to do.

Today, Dolly Castro remains religious and is continuously attributing her earning to God.

Dolly Castro 8

Dolly Castro’s Training Program

Dolly Castro loves to train her abs and legs. Some of her most commonly used exercises are

  • high-rep dumbbell squats
  • Behind The Neck Wide-Grip Pulldown  
  • Lateral Raises
  • Cross Crunches
Dolly Castro 1

Diet and Nutrition

For nutrition, Dolly Castro does take supplements. She posts about them on Instagram regularly.

Always remember we get one body and we need to take care of it as much as possible.

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Dolly Castro also follows an extreme diet. She says that 70 % of a person’s weight loss can be chalked up to nutrition and supplementation and 30 % exercising. She routinely supplements with Opti-greens 50, and posts about them on Instagram regularly,

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She also posts about her cardio sessions on Instagram quite often,

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Today, Dolly Castro is making waves on Facebook.