Down 26lbs, 33.5 inches, and 10 dress sizes!

I was growing lazy, impatient, and unmotivated, which I couldn’t afford to be with a toddler, 8 year old, husband in the Army, and a month away from moving from Georgia to Texas. I hated that I still had baby weight and was extremely disgusted with how I had let my body become. I decided that something needed to be done. I purchased Turbo Fire, a kickboxing/dancy workout. My husband told me that I wouldn’t complete it and it was a waste of money. I set out to prove him wrong, if anything else. It wasn’t always easy, but I pushed play 6 days a week for 90 days straight. After the first 3 weeks, I decided that I needed to commit 100% and changed my diet and began drinking a meal replacement called Shakeology. By the first month’s measurements, I had all the motivation I needed to finish out the program. By the first 90 days, I was hooked to my new lifestyle and couldn’t believe that all my original goals had been met. I had a new sense of energy and motivation, but also a pride in myself that I never had before. We moved to Texas and I began the advanced workouts of Turbo Fire which were another 2 months long. By the end of that I had lost 26 pounds, 27 inches, and 8 dress sizes. After Turbo Fire, I began Insanity. I just completed Insanity last weekend and, while the goal was to maintain my weight, which I did, I dropped another 6.5 pounds and 2 dress sizes. I am extremely proud to say that I am a 28 year old wife of a soldier and mother of 2 beautiful children and I have a six pack that I never had before! I am currently doing the Brazil butt Lift workout program and plan to do Les Mills Combat after the beginning of the year. I have truly turned my goal of losing 8-10 post baby weight pounds into a healthy and fantastic lifestyle change!


Source: iReports


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