Eddie Hall Shares His At-Home HIIT Workout For Leg Day

Eddie Hall

It can be pretty tough right now to find a way to get a good workout in. Not for Eddie Hall though, who recently shared his intense at-home workout routine for his legs.

Hall, like many of us, is forced to find ways to workout at home, as most gyms have been shut down. However he has some experience with this, as he shared in a recent YouTube video. This video sees the former World’s Strongest Man demonstrate a solid High Intensity Interval Training circuit to work his legs while at home.

Right off the bat, Hall explains that he has some pretty great gym equipment in his house that he can use. However, he realizes that not a lot of people are in positions to have that. Therefore he wanted to show something that anyone can do, with little-to-no equipment.

“I’ve got a home gym downstairs, but I thought it would be unfair to show you guys how to train at home, with me having a fully equipped gym. So I may be using a few kettlebells and stuff, but you can replicate that with bags of cement, bags of compost, big jugs of water, whatever you want. You can pick up chairs, it doesn’t really matter.”

This is Eddie Hall’s HIIT Workout circuit:

  • Static lunge
  • Goblet squat into front squat
  • Forward lunge into reverse lunge
  •  Stiff leg deadlift
  • Good mornings
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Wall balls

Starting with the static lunges, Hall does 30 seconds on each leg. Then he moves on to the goblet squats, which transition into front squats, doing that for another 30 seconds. Following another rest period of about a minute, he continues with the forward lunges, transitioning into reverse lunges.

When doing the deadlifts, Eddie Hall uses a sandbag, reaffirming that gym equipment is not needed for this. He uses that same sandbag when doing the good mornings as well. As for the Bulgarian split squats, he does his with a kettlebell but says that using your bodyweight can work as well. Then to cap things off, Eddie hits some wall balls, finishing up the circuit.

“We’ve hit that aerobic threshold for a constant 42, 43 minutes, plus the warmup, so we’ve done a 50 minute workout,” he says. “Honest to God, I didn’t think I’d say this, but my glutes, hamstrings, and quads are completely fried, actually, from all the squats.”

It seems that Eddie Hall has done a great job of providing an excellent workout routine that can be done in your home. Hopefully, while you are unable to hit the gym, these exercises will help keep you fit.



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