Ethan Suplee Reveals Secrets To His Astounding Weight Loss Transformation

Ethan Suplee

Ethan Suplee nearly broke the internet when the world caught wind of his miraculous weight loss transformation. Now he breaks down how he managed to achieve such success.

Suplee is an actor known best for his role as Louie Lastik in 2000’s Remember The Titans. In addition to that, he has had roles in the Butterfly Effect, My Name Is Earl, and American History X, as well as plenty of other things. He was largely typecasted, due to his obese body frame.

However, Suplee was recently seen in a nearly unrecognizable state. Sporting a beard, and 200lb of less weight, he looked absolutely jacked. Check out some before and after pictures, to see the difference.

This is Ethan Suplee now:

This is quite the unbelievable transformation Suplee has gone through. Looking at the two side by side, you would never be able to tell that they were both the same man.

But, how did Suplee lose the weight?

Recently, Ethan Suplee did an Ask Me Anything on his Instagram, where he delved into the topic of his weight loss. Here, he explains the changes he has made to his diet, eating around 20% less calories per day. Moreover, he detailed a bit of his training regimen.

Perhaps the most interesting information came from an episode of American Glutton, a podcast that Suplee started. This is where he detailed how a relapse from being sober changed his thought process about his own body. Hearing comments from a fellow actor about how he clearly did not care about himself, he decided it was time to make a change.

Suplee began a liquid diet, which helped him lose a solid amount of weight. He tried a multitude of different diets before finding one that worked for him. Over the course of ten years, he managed to lose a mind-boggling 310lb! This was the difference between his heaviest weight, and lightest weight.

Things have not always been easy for Ethan Suplee, since losing this weight. It is a struggle that he is looking to help others with as well. His podcast will feature fitness and nutrition experts, as they try to provide inspiration to those looking to follow in his footsteps.


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