Fitness Expert Offers 29 Creative and Effective Home Workout Hacks

At Home Workout Hacks

Let’s face it… right now, the gym isn’t an option for most of us. And who knows how long it’ll be before the doors open again so we can kiss the floor and thank the fitness gods for access into the gates of gains.

Plus, not everyone has a home gym setup which means we must opt for plan C…  aka home workouts. And yes, we know, it’s not the same. But we want to remind you of far we’ve come regarding home workout creativity. 

Well, Jeff Cavaliere, M.S.P.T, CSCS (Athlean X YouTube channel) is at the forefront of offering creative ideas for fitness lovers with limited resources. And his 9+ million YouTube followers are a testament to his ability to innovate and provide even better solutions for fitness, in general. 

So in one of his more recent videos, Cavaliere shared 29 home exercise hacks for total body training. You may already have the items that he uses in the video at home. But if you don’t, they’re not a big investment anyway, although he also shows some alternatives. 

So after Jeff and assistant Jesse (who we’ve all come to love over the years) did one of their humor skits about current events (you should watch it), the former got straight into it his best hacks.

Things you’ll use:

  • Kitchen w/ angled counters
  • Solid, elevated platform 
  • 40lb water jug
  • Doorway
  • Mop/broom
  • Two chairs or sturdy platforms
  • Dog leash
  • Tupperware covers
  • Laptop/Internet

Here’s what Jeff Cavaliere uses for each exercise and we’ve included important details from the video which you can also find below…

Kitchen counter 

Cavaliere starts us off in the kitchen first and offers several awesome exercise options that you may have already been familiar with. A counter with a v shape is awesome for doing dips that can target more of the chest (lean forward) or triceps (remain upright) depending on how you position your body. 

Either way, it’ll still activate both muscles. Then, you can turn your body away from the counters to do core (abs and obliques) exercise variations that involve lifting your legs.

Kitchen Counter

He then tells us to use a table or the same kitchen counter to do rows that target the back muscles. You can vary your grip width or use an underhand grip to do chin curls which will really involve the biceps. “There’s a lot of stuff here you can do guys in your kitchen. You just got to open your mind to the possibilities,” says Cavaliere.


Using your stairs is one of the best ways to train your legs. You literally have the option for unlimited height elevation to make your lunges, step-ups, and two-legged jumps more challenging. Plus, you can elevate your feet on the stairs and do push-ups to emphasize the upper chest. This is more challenging than a standard push-up.


Now, of course, not everyone has a staircase. So if you have a solid, elevated platform such as a wooden box, bench, sturdy chair, or anything else similar, you’re good to go. 

5-Gallon (40-Pound) Water Jug

If you don’t have access to free weights, no worries. Cavaliere recommends using a 40-pounds jug of water. Not to mention, these containers are equipped with a sturdy built-in handle. It’s great if you have two of these but of course, it’s not a big deal if you only have one. 

But if you have two, you can pick them up and walk for a distance which builds grip, core strength/stability, posterior chain/posture, work capacity and more. 

Water Gallon

Other options are the clean, shoulder press variations, and Russian twists for your core (very challenging with 40 pounds).

Cavalier mentioned the fact that the water moving back and forth (he calls it “slash factor”) in the jug provides an element of stability. “You got to slow down the rep and make sure you’re in control at all times, and that’s not really a bad thing.”


Who doesn’t have a doorway, right? Well, there are so many great exercises you can do for your back which Cavaliere explained is a more difficult area of the body to train at home. You can also do some shoulder training as well. 

His first option is the pull-up or chin-up on the door jam which may or may not be possible depending on the design. But that’s one great option if you don’t a pull-up bar. The next option is a row variation that you can do by holding the sides of the door and pulling yourself up.

Doorway Hacks

But you’ll need to have a step that goes lower than the door on the other side to create optimal leverage. Lastly, you can do an isometric hold to work the deltoids by pressing the top of your hands into the doorframe. This also makes for a great finisher shoulder exercise.

Sturdy Mop Handle

A mop handle apparently isn’t just for cleaning floors but rather, it can also be used as a pull-up bar. Well, if you have two chairs or sturdy items/platforms that you can place next to each then you’re in business. Just place the bar over the top and do any grip variation of a pull-up or chin-up

Sturdy Mop Handle

You can also do ab twists which are great for improving your six-pack. Lastly, use a mop or broom handle to do stretches and mobilization work. Cavaliere mentioned the value of mobilizing the thoracic spine which can be done properly using a mop. 

Dog Leash

If you don’t have a dog, that’s ok. See if someone has an extra one or pick one up for cheap. It makes a great dip belt alternative that you can add weight to and do either dips or pull-ups. Or you can toss it around a bar overhead and do some assisted stretching by holding one end and pulling on the other.

The last option Jeff Cavaliere offers is to wrap the leash around an overhead bar, clip it together and use it as a suspension trainer which is where the mop comes in handy again.

Tupperware Covers

Rather than spending money on moving sliders, Cavaliere says a few Tupperware covers will do the same thing. Use a slippery surface to do floor slides that also involve the quads due to the nature of the movement. It’s an effective, overall lower body exercise. 

You can also just wear socks and you’ll get the same effect on a slippery surface. For ab and back work, you can slide on your knees to do reverse crunches or pull yourself forward using your hands to train the lats.


Where would you get all of this amazing information without the internet? There’s a lot of great content out there for home workouts and Athlean X is a top go-to source.

Jeff Cavaliere ended with a few words of encouragement…

“I’m encouraging you guys, don’t let this get you down. The fact that you’re not in your gym right now doesn’t mean you should stop working out entirely.”

And, of course, you can check out his channel for more awesome home workouts…

Watch the full video here…

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