Flex Wheeler 2

Bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler is back in the gym for a hardcore shoulder training session. He decided to share the workout with fans, so they can push themselves like he is.

Few people have a more inspirational yet heartbreaking story than Wheeler. The retired IFBB Pro has gone through a litany of health issues that led to his right leg being partially amputated, and as he explained recently, may even lead to him losing other limbs.

Despite this, he has maintained an attitude that is far more positive than those who go through similar circumstances. This has even led to him being awarded multiple times for his display of courage in the face of adversity, and rightfully so.

Flex Wheeler is not one to let these health issues keep him out of the gym, as we have seen time and again. Most recently we got to see the Sultan of Symmetry working on his shoulders in a hardcore training session.

Posting to Instagram, Flex broke down the shoulder blasting workout he was using, so that fans can also give it a try. The best part of this session? It is done almost entirely with dumbbells.

“NEW WORKOUT: All Dumbbell Shoulder Day
ALWAYS START WITH 4Play Preworkout,” Wheeler wrote before adding the regimen below.

“DB Shoulder Press 4×20
DB Lateral Raises 4×20
DB Front Raises 4×20
Reverse Flyes 4×20”

This is a solid workout that has Wheeler obviously winded by the end of it. This features a variety of movements that will work every part of the shoulders, leading to a great pump and rounded delts.

In recent times, Flex has really put a focus into the personal training side of the sport, working with some other bodybuilders to help them prep for contests. This has provided him a great outlet to help others and train himself.

Aside from the shoulder workout, Flex Wheeler also shared another one of his favorite leg workouts, post-amputation. While he personally struggled to complete some aspects of this workout, it is still a strong routine to use during your leg day too.

“NEW WORKOUT: Amputee Leg Day (post prosthesis fitting)…

Single-leg Leg Extension 4×20
Adductor 4×20
—didn’t get to due to pain—
Single-leg Leg Curl 4×20
Single-leg Leg Press 4×20″

There is never going to be a time where watching Flex Wheeler crushing weights does not spark some inspiration. Whether it is a shoulder workout, leg workout, or something else, it is always impressive to see him pushing through the pain, especially to help others.