The decline dumbbell tricep extension is a very effective isolation exercise which builds muscle and strength in all three tricep heads. Now, what makes this exercise so great is that you can get a nice, deep stretch in the muscles which makes allows for deeper muscle fiber stimulation.

But, an important part of this exercise is to sufficiently warm up the elbows before your working sets to prevent elbow strain and keep the tension on the tricep muscle. And it’s best to keep weights to moderate resistance levels to eliminate elbow issues and pain during the exercise.

The decline tricep extension is a phenomenal exercise which can take your training and results to the next level.

In This Exercise:

  • Target Muscle GroupTriceps Brachii
  • Type: Strength
  • Mechanics: Isolation
  • Equipment: Dumbbells, bench
  • Difficulty: beginner

Exercise Instructions

  1. Lie on a decline bench and hold two dumbbells straight with arms extended directly above your chest.
  2. Then, lower the dumbbells down by extending only your forearms until they reach slightly behind your head. Inhale during this portion of the exercise.
  3. Now, use your triceps to extend the dumbbells back up but don’t lock out at the top. Exhale during this portion of the exercise.
  4. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Variations & Tips:

  • You can also use a fixed barbell as an alternative.
  • Do not lock out your elbows during the concentric (Positive) phase of the exercise.
  • It’s recommended to train with moderate weights as going too heavy can cause elbow pain.
  • Stop the exercise if you experience elbow discomfort.
  • The decline dumbbell tricep extension works all three tricep heads.

Watch: How to do the decline dumbbell tricep extension