I started gaining weight as a teenager- especially after high school. I went from the 180s to 260s in a matter of six months.

HOW DID YOUR WEIGHT AFFECT ANY ASPECT(S) OF YOUR LIFE?  It affected everything I did- my confidence was low, I hated clothes shopping, and no matter what I tried (it at least felt like that), I could not stop the numbers on the scale from climbing.

WHAT WAS THE “TURNING POINT” THAT GOT YOU STARTED ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY?  Having my son- I have tried (and admittedly failed) before, as I could never stick with a program. I was always in the mindset that if I was going to be heavy, then I was going to eat what I wanted. I never put much thought to how that affected the people around me, and my overall well -being.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED?  I took a serious look at my sugars. Even though I was limiting my calories, the sugars I was consuming was through the roof.

HOW LONG AFTER YOU STARTED DID YOU BEGIN TO SEE RESULTS OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS?  In the 1st month I had dropped 10 lbs..seeing the numbers continue to go down was the best reward!

WHAT WAS THE HARDEST PART?  Giving up sugar was hard- it was in everything I was eating, and I found it my PCOS was not helping it in the slightest.

DID YOU EVER WANT TO GIVE UP? WHAT KEPT YOU GOING  Yes, it is easy to slip back into old habits. I can have a cheat day here, or there, and then it becomes everyday is a cheat day. Seeing how I felt losing the weight, and the support from friends and family around me keeps me going.

DID YOU HIT ANY WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAUS? HOW DID YOU OVERCOME THEM?  Yes, every few weeks I hit a week where I will stall or yo-yo an ounce here and there. I continue my healthy eating plan and continue to watch my sugar intake.


DID YOU HAVE ANY NON-SCALE VICTORIES?  Yes- I have went from a 2X to a Lg. Down 3 dress sizes, and out of the obese BMI category!

WHAT DOES YOUR DAILY DIET LOOK LIKE COMPARED TO WHEN YOU WERE HEAVIER?  I eat every few hours, when before I was eat very large meals 3x a day. I have a healthy shake in the morning, a small snack mid morning, lunch, a small snack, dinner , a healthy dessert.

HOW DOES YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY COMPARE TO WHEN YOU WERE HEAVIER?  It’s better, although I will be the first to admit I can continue to improve on it. We take walks daily (my husband, son and I)


  1. Don’t limit your calories without looking at your macros.
  2. Find a healthy support system.
  3. Check with your doctor before starting any new regimen.
  4. Don’t think a diet means you can’t have delicious, healthy food.
  5. It’s okay to have a cheat day every once in a while, just ensure everyday doesn’t become one.