Jean Claude Van Damme Teaches Lessons For At Home Workouts

Jean Claude Van Damme

With home workouts becoming a growing necessity during this current situation, people are left to find which plan works the best for them. This is where Hollywood action star Jean Claude Van Damme hopes to help, with a series of lessons geared to help people train at home.

There was once a time where Van Damme was one of the biggest names in action movies. His film roles in the 80’s and 90’s have inspired generations of people who grew up during that era. In particular, both Kickboxer and Bloodsport are widely regarded as two of the greatest martial arts movies of all time.

With experience like that, and the fact that he still looks jacked at the age of 59 years old, it is not surprising to hear that Jean Claude Van Damme knows a thing or two about fitness. However, he has decided to share that wisdom with his fans, in a five-part YouTube series. Here, he breaks down a variety of different workouts you can do at home, that will build muscle, and increase flexibility.

“Years ago, was injured. So, rehabilitated myself to have flexibility, dexterity and to go back into shape! would like to share that with you…t’s a program made of no weights with everything that you can use from home.”

Part One: Posture, Back Flexibility

Part Two: Shoulder, Back Flexibility


Part Three: Shoulders and Chest Mobility, Breathing


Part Four: Recap

In each video, Van Damme does an excellent job of breaking down the importance of each movement. The first thing he teaches is a proper posture for your back and hips. This proved to be an important part of the rest of the training and is something he encouraged people to follow outside of training.

This is only the first lesson from Jean Claude Van Damme. Nevertheless, it is still some valuable information, with good stretches to use while exercising, at home, or elsewhere.


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