Lexi Lost 160 Pounds

I’ve always had a weight problem since I was younger. I can’t remember ever being the “skinny” girl & I remember being over a size 20 going into the 9th grade. I think I just always loved eating food and we didn’t have alot of money growing up so I would always eat frozen pizzas, ramen noodles, all the unhealthy junk food. I didn’t have alot of friends & a great childhood growing up so I think food was always a way of comfort for me.

WHAT WAS THE “TURNING POINT” THAT GOT YOU STARTED ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY?  I have tried many different diets all of my life. I think the turning point was when I hit the largest size sold at my favorite plus size store and it didn’t even fit me anymore without being able to breathe or sit down. My husband and I had also talked about having a family in the future & I knew it wasn’t going to be possible to ever have a healthy pregnancy being obese.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED?  On new years eve I decided that this was going to be my year. My bestfriend challenged me to start January with 30 days of no eating out, no cheat meals, no alcohol or soda. I lost over 20lbs the first month and I haven’t looked back since. That first month only helped me stay on track even more. I started working out, meal prepping, and setting goals. I researched healthy recipes and foods to eat. I also joined the dietbet website to keep me on track

WHAT WAS THE HARDEST PART?  I have always been the biggest girl at the gym or the biggest girl in my workout classes. I decided I didn’t care what anyone thought of me, I was there to change my life. I made a great workout playlist for all those tough elliptical sessions at the beginning and started slow until my endurance started to get better.

DID YOU EVER WANT TO GIVE UP? WHAT KEPT YOU GOING?  I think we all have those times where we don’t want to workout or have bad days. When i was feeling down I thought of all the people & reasons I was doing this for. If I still felt down I worked out anyway and the way I felt after always reminded me why I doing this.

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO LOSE MOST OF THE WEIGHT?  I have lost 160lbs in 8 months. I still have 100+lbs to lose but I have already come so far!

DID YOU HAVE ANY NON-SCALE VICTORIES?  I’ve had many non-scale victories such as going down in pant sizes from a 28W that hardly fit to a 18W, being able to wear my seatbelt again, having more energy, being able to do active things with my husband such as hiking & riding my bike again. I think the biggest NSV is just my new outlook on life.

WHAT DOES YOUR DAILY DIET LOOK LIKE COMPARED TO WHEN YOU WERE HEAVIER?  When I was heavier I would eat out constantly, we hardly ever ate at home. I drank Mountain Dew like it was going out of style. I would watch netflix everynight with my husband and we would eat greasy food and do it all over again the next day. Pizzas, chinese buffets, taco bell, those were some of my favorites. These days I don’t ever hardly eat out anymore and I enjoy making my own food to control my calories. I eat alot of high protein meals & 6 small meals a day.

HOW DOES YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY COMPARE TO WHEN YOU WERE HEAVIER?  When I was heavy I was lazy. I was so heavy I didn’t want to do anything anymore. I was basically waking up, going to work, netflix and greasy food, then bed. These days I don’t sleep in anymore, I hardly watch TV, & I work out 5-6 days a week. It’s actually really hard for me to make self stay at home or even have a rest day.


  1. Make small changes and they’ll add up to big results. Start by making small changes such as no soda, or only eating out once a week.
  2. Set goals. Make some goals that are reachable and reward yourself when you hit them. I usually buy myself something small for every 10lbs I lose.
  3. Take progress pictures! The scale doesn’t always read the changes in your body or inches!
  4. Meal Prep. Meal prepping can help you stay on track & portion your meals.