Transformation: Sam Briggs – Before and After CrossFit, Plus Workouts

Sam Briggs Transformation

Former CrossFit Fittest Woman on Earth® Sam Briggs has nicknames like Biceps Like Briggs and The Engine, but it hasn’t always been that way. She came to the world of CrossFit like many others, to transform her physique and the way that she looked. And the result was an international title that has only been beaten by fewer than five people.

Sam Briggs Before CrossFit

Prior to CrossFit  Sam Briggs spent ten years as a firefighter, becoming an elite in the world of the trait of bravery. Always on a mission to succeed and beat her last personal best, when she wasn’t running into burning buildings Sam Briggs also played rugby and competed in advanced level triathlon until CrossFit came along.

Sam joined a CrossFit gym thinking what many others had, and would. It looked like a fun place to challenge yourself in the workout lifestyle and make some cool friends in a motivated community. She told Women’s Health that she canceled her “normal” gym membership after her first CrossFit class. We are glad that she did.

Age 23, living an active life as a full time fire fighter and amateur footballer … but not necessarily making the healthiest lifestyle choices
Age 35, CrossFitter”

The Sam Briggs Transformation

Now, at 39, Sam is still going. Sam Briggs has won more than that in her CrossFit transformation. In addition to Fittest Woman on Earth, she’s won the Australian CrossFit Championship and the Dubai CrossFit Championship. She came into the world as an amateur footballer and once she started lifting weights, she couldn’t stop. 

She’d been on the national stage before, and it was time to take her skills to the global level. And it worked. Sam Briggs has a transformation story fit for a CrossFitter at the top. By 2009, Sam Briggs was a CrossFitter and won the Fittest Woman on Earth title in 2013.

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CrossFit Records

Within the first year of the CrossFit transformation of Sam Briggs, she had qualified for the CrossFit Games, by the 2020 CrossFit Games she’d withdraw due to injury. It’s an accomplishment not many have seen, even at the top of the pack. By 2010, she placed nineteenth at the CrossFit Games.

2011 finishings were good for Briggs, who finished in fourth place. By 2012 she benched out in the middle of the CrossFit Games from a knee injury. In 2013, she was at the top of the world.

  • 2013 – CrossFit Games (1st), Regionals (1st, Europe), Open (56th worldwide)
  • 2014 – Regionals (4th Europe), Open (1st worldwide)
  • 2015 –CrossFit Games (4th), Regionals (2nd Atlantic Regional), Open (82nd worldwide, 61st United Kingdom)
  • 2016 – CrossFit Games (4th), Regionals (4 Meridian Regional), Open (2nd worldwide, 1st United Kingdom)
  • 2017 – CrossFit Games (9th), Regionals (2nd Meridian Regional), Open (1st worldwide, 1st United Kingdom)
  • 2018 – CrossFit Games (2nd)
  • 2019 – CrossFit Games (17th)

Sam Briggs Workouts

Check out some of the workouts that Sam Briggs has posted to her Instagram, so you can have a transformation just like hers.

Red Pill Training

“@mcquaid175 was right … today’s @redpill_training open prep workout was a fun one

For time:
100 cal row
80 wall balls
60 pistols
40 C2B
20 over the box jumps 20/24” height 30” length

At home version:
1 mile run
80 single arm thruster 35/50lb DB
60 pistols or goblet squats
40 single arm DB snatch 35/50lb
20 broad jumps”

Briggs Thrusters and Burpees

“Monday started with a bang 💥

In 15 min window

6 rounds
15 thrusters 65/95lbs
15 bar facing burpees

In remaining time find 1 rep max thruster

Score is A) time to complete 6 rounds B) weight of heaviest thruster lifted

If you only have DBs or KBs the 6 rounds will be just as spicy

No equipment then try jump squats and burpees”

Ski Clusters

“Such a fun but deceptive workout today 🏋🏻‍♀‍ hit the @redpill_training:
“If you like it put a ring on it!”

In 3 min
250/300m ski
5 snatch 105/155
10 clusters
Max MUs
Rest 3
X 2

In 3 min
600/700m C2bike
4 snatches 125/185
8 c&j
Max MUs
Rest 3
X 2

In 3 min
300/350m row
3 snatch 145/205
6 clean
Max MUs
Rest 3
X 2

You really have to shift to get onto those MUs 🥵

Fancy giving it a try? You can scale the weights to around 60-70-80% of your max snatch!”

Gymnastic Volume

“Starting to build that gymnastic volume back up 🐒

5 x
3 strict MUs straight into
6 kipping MUs

If you can do MUs yet you can still use this principle to improve your pulling with strict pull-ups into kipping pull-ups 💪🏻

Just make sure to avoid ripping your hands … my go to are the @picsil_sport Eagle grips 🦅”

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows, Sometimes

“It’s not always sunshine, lollipops and rainbows ☀️🍭🌈

1 mile run
30 clean and jerks 135/195lbs
1 mile run

A little bit of snow just made me try run faster 🥶”

Lockdown Push and Pull

“Push = Pull

Simple yet effective upper body training just pair a push exercise with a pull 💪🏻

10 rounds
2-5 strict Parallette HSPUs
1 legless rope climb

Did the trick nicely!

If you’re stuck in another lock down try pairing HSPUs or push-ups with table pull-ups or pulling yourself up onto a wall.”

Handstand Walking

“After such a leg heavy week of training I was glad to get upside down for some handstand walking today 🙃

Give today’s finisher ago:

50 DB box step ups 35/50lbs
50 pistols
50m handstand walk
50m DB OH walking lunges 35/50lbs”

The L-Sit

“The L-sit is a foundational bodyweight movement that challenges the isometric strengths and control of a wide array of muscle groups throughout the body

It challenges and develops an individual’s ability to create midline tension and stability. This can be done using the floor, rings, bars, parallettes, or any other stable surface as supports

It is an isometric exercise that targets the core muscle groups, which is beneficial for movements that require core stabilization and strength under load like squats, deadlifts and presses. It is also vital for movement patterns that are more advanced such as gymnastics which require finite body control and stability

If you’re currently back in lockdown L-sits are a perfect movement you can still do to improve your core strength which will benefit you when you can get back lifting”


“Plyometrics comes from the Greek word “pleythyein” to augment or increase

Unlike typical strength training exercises that involve long, slow movements designed to increase muscular strength and mass, plyometric training consists of quick, explosive movements designed to increase speed and power

Even if you’re in an area going back into lock down you can work on being explosive

Give this little session a try all you need is a box or sturdy object to jump onto

3 rounds

4 kneeling jump to box jump
4 seated box jump
4 box jump aiming to land with legs straight as possible

Let’s get jumping 🐸”

Pyrros Bar

“Took the @roguefitness Pyrros bar for a spin today 🏋🏻‍♀️ think it’s my new favourite barbell

15 min EMOM
1) 2 hang snatch + 1 snatch
2) 1 hang snatch + snatch
3) snatch

Start around 65% with aim to increase 5% each successful 3 mins”

How Not to Do a Box Jump

“How’s open prep going?

Decided to show everyone how not to do burpee box jump overs 🤦🏼‍♀️

4 rounds
30 cal assault bike
20 burpee box jump overs 24/30”
15 cal assault bike
4 min rest

Pro tip … don’t lose concentration whilst on the box jumps!”


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