Will Smith Kicks Off Weight Loss Journey With Workout That Leaves Him Embarrassed

Will Smith 1

Hollywood icon that former rapper Will Smith has started a movement, with the beginning of his weight loss journey. Now he shows one of his first workouts, and it is not something that makes him happy.

The “Big Willie Challenge,” as it has been affectionately called, started off with Smith being tired of his current physical condition. He said that he was in the worst shape of his life, and felt like it was time to make a change.

So he announced that he had partnered with YouTube to track his weight loss journey, where he promised to be in the best shape ever. This kicked off a chain of events, with other actors and musicians announcing their support for him, and their intent to also participate in this challenge.

Now Will Smith is finally kicked off his weight loss journey, with a few solid workouts to begin the process. Although he is not particularly happy with what his trainer asked him to do for one of these workouts.

Posting to Instagram, the 52-year old talked about how his trainer wanted him to do workouts without any weight on the bar. This was something that he was adamant would never happen… right before he showed a video of himself doing back squats with no weight.

“This guy says ‘Let’s just get the movements. Let’s just get your body back into making the movements, so we can avoid injury.’ But what that means is that he’ll just give me the bar with no weights on it to a bench press,” Smith said.

“I’m like ‘We’re not shooting that. Nobody’s going to have video of me bench pressing with just a bar, and no weights on it. No. No,'” he added, just as the video cuts to him squatting with no weight.

Truth be told, as much as Will Smith may be embarrassed by this workout, it is actually a smart way of training, given his age and the fact that he is out of shape. Like his trainer says, doing this light work will help get his body back into the swing of things, before adding more weight. 

This was not the only sign of Will taking things easy at the start of his transformation journey. He shared another update that left him using some 15lb dumbbells, while joking that this picture was snapped just before he increased the weight to the heavy ones.

All jokes aside, Will Smith is actually teaching people an important lesson with these updates. It shows that just because you’re starting off small, does not mean the work you’re doing is not valuable.

This journey is expected to be a 12 week one, and it will be interesting to check in when that time is up and see how he has done. Either way though, he is proving to be a valuable inspiration to many who are following along with him.


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