129 pounds gone in 13 months!

I was always a “skinny” kid growing up, despite many members of my family having weight problems. My parents used to worry about me because I was so small (and PICKY). As I got older my appetite got out of control, but my metabolism seemed to compensate well until I turned 14, and then I started getting heavy. At 17 I did Weight Watchers and lost 20lbs and looked and felt great.

My weight fluctuated wildly in my 20s. After I got pregnant with and delivered my twin girls, I got down to my lowest adult weight of 137lbs, but depression kicked in, as it had done in the past and I gained it all back plus a lot more. I started my journey with MyFitnessPal, a smartphone app used to count calories and exercise, at my highest weight EVER, dangerously close to 300lbs at only 5′ 3″. I was barely able to walk, couldn’t tie my shoes, and generally felt awful ALL the time. I came home from work and passed out on the couch every day. Playing with my children was out of the question, as I suffered severe back pain if I even stood still for too long. My quality of life was suffering greatly, but I would still sneak off to Taco Bell and order three different meals, shoving them all down my throat in the parking lot. I was so ashamed but I suppose not yet ready to make a change.

Two major things happened to make me decide to change: I turned 30 in 2013, which was hard to take for me, and have watched as a good friend, someone I always saw as really strong, fall apart due to uncontrolled diabetes. I finally decided enough was enough. No more diets and yo-yoing up and down. I decided to eat less and move more. My attitude toward food has changed and I am now much more physically active than I have ever been. I work out 3-4 times a week (mostly running these days, I love it!)

This is not for vanity, although it will be nice to look better. This journey, for me, is for my health. My father died in his 50s from his heart, and hypertension, diabetes and heart disease run rampant in my family. I need to be there for my children and get healthy for them as much as for myself. In 13 months, I lost 129lbs, going from a size 24 pants to a 12 pants, a 3X top to smalls and mediums. My BMI started out at 52.4 but has dropped down to 29.6. I still have a few more pounds to lose but I am enjoying the journey.I now enjoy biking and running (currently training for my second 5K), and am much more active and energetic throughout the day. My children are so proud of me, and I love what I have done for myself!

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