Annie Thorisdottir Reacts To Placing Third At 2021 CrossFit Games: ‘I Can’t Put This Feeling Into Words’

Annie Thorisdottir Crossfit Games

The 2021 CrossFit Games wrapped up over the weekend, and after a hard fought week of competition, Annie Thorisdottir ended the contest in third place. Following this performance, the Icelandic native reacts to the moment and thanks her fans for their support.

While Thorisdottir is familiar with the feeling of winning the CrossFit Games, having been crowned the Fittest Woman on Earth in 2011 and 2012, this year was something different. This was her first time competing in the Games since becoming a mother.

In the end, Annie would have some big performances that saw her end the contest in third place. Following this incredible moment, she posted to her Instagram to react to the contest, and thank her fans for supporting her through this competition.

I can’t put this feeling into words so I think I’ll spend the next few days digesting what has just happened.

This one is for you Grandma, for Freyja, for Frederik, for Jami, for my parents. For everyone who believed on me, even when I didn’t,” Thorisdottir wrote.

“For now I just want to say thank you. To everyone who has shown me support. To everyone that kept believing in me. To everyone that helped me in my recovery from birth.
All the messages on social media it’s not just noise. Those messages fuels me and motives me to keep working hard, also on days I don’t want to. Motivation can come from many different places. Motivation is not always there but if you’re not looking you’ll never find it.

Annie Thorisdottir’s Road To The Podium

Annie Thorisdottir decided to sit out the 2020 CrossFit Games, due to being pregnant, and having a baby girl. Since then, she has been working to get herself back in shape in preparation for this year’s Games, being open and honest about the struggles of being a first time mom and athlete, through the whole process.

Nevertheless, she persevered and made it to Madison, Wisconsin, where she battled through the top 40 women in the world to win third place. Over the course of the contest, she won an event and even had an epic snatch showdown with eventual winner and 5x champ Tia-Clair Toomey.

Here is how Annie Thorisdottir did at the 2021 CrossFit Games:

  • Event One: 18th place (1:16:15.89)
  • Event Two: 7th place (10:27.35)
  • Event Three: 23rd place (01:31.36)
  • Event Four: 9th place (16:15.51)
  • Event Five: 7th place (12:20.28)
  • Event Six: 11th place (06:25.74)
  • Event Seven: 14th place (06:24.45)
  • Event Eight: 10th place (03:26.97)
  • Event Nine: 2nd place (04:07.26)
  • Event Ten: 16th place (24:15.41)
  • Event Eleven: 9th place (192 rep)
  • Event Twelve: 2nd place (200.0 lb)
  • Event Thirteen: 4th place (04:53.69)
  • Event Fourteen: 1st place (05:22.12)
  • Event Fifteen: 3rd place (07:10.58)

Congratulations are in order to Annie Thorisdottir and the rest of the athletes who had big performances at the 2021 CrossFit Games. It is good to see her come back from being a mother, and look as good as ever.


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