Name: Alyce Comer

Age: 49

Hometown:South Vienna,Ohio

Height: 5’7″

Previous Weight: 252 pounds

Current Weight: 167 pounds

Weight Lost: 85 pounds

How I Lost It

I started a clothing-swap party. My daughter Jamie, 24, and I both began losing weight on Weight Watchers and soon none of our clothes fit. So now every month we gather a group of friends together at a different house—new members are always joining—to exchange gently used items. Each woman brings what she can and takes what she wants.

I prepare fresh foods. My favorite is a salsa using tomatoes, onions, and peppers from our garden. I add garlic and onion powders, garlic salt, tomato paste, and vinegar. And since we like it hot, I leave the pepper seeds in. It goes perfectly with baked tortilla chips.

I started walking. My husband and I try to cover at least 3 miles every day. When he’s not with me my substitute companion is a Keith Urban CD. His upbeat songs keep me motivated.


Source: Familycircle