How Jennifer Lopez Dropped Those Last Few Stubborn Pounds

Jennifer Lopez has always turned heads. But right now, she's radiating a super-fit and healthy vibe like we've never seen before. And she's crediting her trim shape to something new—new for J. Lo, that is: a vegan diet. Back in April, the singer embarked on a five-week plan that contained no dairy, meat, or gluten because she was having trouble losing "that really stubborn eight to 10 pounds," according to an interview she did recently with Us Weekly. Eating animal-free helped her quickly drop 10 pounds, and though she's starting to add fish back to her meals, simple carbs and dairy are still no-nos for J. Lo, reports Us.

Eating fewer animal-based products has been linked with many health benefits beyond dropping pounds, including lowering blood pressure and decreasing cancer risk. Granted, it won't automatically make you a smaller size—or even necessarily make you healthier. You have to be extra diligent about consuming the nutrients that you typically get from animal products (check out these ). And depending on your personality and your exact approach, making a switch to veganism could trigger disordered eating behaviors (as it did for Instagram star Jordan Younger).

While J. Lo says going vegan helped her drop those last few pounds, at the end of the day, the best incentive for going vegan is to improve your overall health—which you can do without ditching animal products 100 percent of the time. Check out these tips on how to become a part-time vegan; they'll help you look and feel great.


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