Lose the Baby Fat

Vital Stats
Name Jennifer Sullivan
Hometown Kingman, AZ
Age 29
Height 5'9"
Job Dance teacher and fitness instructor
Weight before 213
Weight after 134

The Gain: Usually active, Jennifer Sullivan was put on bed rest during her first pregnancy, thanks to an old injury. The pain not only kept her immobile, it lead to overeating. When the bed rest — and pregnancy — ended, she had other things besides weight loss on her mind. "I was so excited to be a mommy, I didn't think much about myself," she says. Her weight ballooned to 213 pounds.

The Change: Camera-happy Sullivan soon found herself tearing up photos that documented her large size. "I realized I was erasing myself in pictures that would someday show my daughter her past," she says.

The Life: The staff at the local wellness center helped Sullivan plan an exercise and nutrition routine. Although her commitment was intense — she worked out 5 days a week — the initial workouts were brief. "I loved the Rotex [elliptical machine]," she says. "But I could barely get out 5 minutes without being completely fatigued." She pushed on daily until she reached her goal of 30 minutes. After about a year, she started alternating cardio with weight training.

The Reward: Since she started her transformation almost 6 years ago, she's dissolved from a size 22W to a size 4. "I am no longer the absent mommy in photos," she says.

Her Tips

Pump up. "I added weights just to give me tone, but I loved feeling strong and powerful, like I could take care of myself."

Make it fun. "I had to keep switching it up to keep myself interested. I started dancing again and found that playing racquetball made it easy to work up a sweat without even noticing it."

Find a community. "I took Jazzercise classes, and it was fun to work out with other women. Every time I lost 5 pounds, they would be the first to notice and cheer me on."

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