The Best Desserts for Weight Loss

Sometimes you just want dessert. Simple as that. But since giving in to your craving for triple-scoop chocolate chip cookie ice cream every day isn’t the smartest strategy for weight loss, we asked Keri Gans, R.D., author of The Small Change Diet, for some better options. These are all under 100 calories—meaning you can satisfy your sweet tooth without wrecking your diet. Enjoy!

If You Want Chocolate: Have Three Hershey’s Kisses
These little guys are delicious, and they’re only 22 calories each. That means you can have three of them for only 66 calories! Bonus: Unwrapping each one will slow you down so you’re less likely to go overboard.

If You Want Cookies: Have Biscotti
The Italian treat is much lower in calories than other cookies (90 calories in one plain biscotti compared to, say, a 220-calorie chocolate chip cookie from Subway).  Have one with a cup of hot tea, and it’ll not only taste delicious, it'll also be that much more satisfying.

If You Want Something Fruity: Frozen Fruit Bars
Because we’re guessing you don’t actually want fruit (if you do, good for you!), go for one of these. Most are (a) delicious and (b) around 100 calories, making them an ideal dessert. Edy’s Outshine bars are a great choice—they’re made with real fruit and are only 70 calories each!

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