• Katie Maloney, of Vanderpump Rules, just revealed she recently lost 20 pounds.
  • She told fans via Instagram Stories after being asked if she'd lost weight.
  • She says she met with a nutritionist after learning she had high glucose levels.

    Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney just shared big news with fans: She dropped more than 20 pounds.

    It all came out in her Instagram Stories earlier this week, when Katie answered a fan who asked if she’d lost weight because she looks “amazing.”

    “I have—and thank you,” Katie said. “I’ve lost a little over 20 pounds. It feels good.”

    Katie then shared that her journey to weight loss was actually pretty complicated. Katie said she was having trouble losing weight and was “trying to diet” by weeding out things like alcohol and sugar—but it didn’t work.

    “I thought it was a thyroid thing, so I was going to the doctor and getting blood work done,” she said. “I think it’s really important to also check up on your health because even though it wasn’t a thyroid thing, I did discover that my glucose levels were pretty high and that could’ve led to some maybe pre-diabetic problems.”

    Prediabetes, in case you’re not familiar with it, is a serious health condition where your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough yet to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says. More than one in three adults in the U.S. have prediabetes, the CDC says, and more than 80 percent of those people don’t realize it.

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    Katie said she met with a nutritionist after learning about her high glucose levels, “who helped me understand how to eat for my metabolism, especially with being insulin resistant or insulin-sensitive,” she said. “So now I just have a great understanding on nutrition and what kinds of food I should and shouldn’t be eating,” she added.

    Katie stressed that she’s not trying to diet in the traditional sense. “I’m not dieting,” she said. “But I just have a wealth of knowledge on what kind of foods to be eating.”

    Congrats to Katie for taking control of her health!

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