Woman Weighing 708 Lbs. Afraid to Get Weight Loss Surgery: 'You Hear So Many Horror Stories'


Jessica Thompson, who is also dealing with endometrial cancer, kidney failure and pulmonary embolisms, says she wants her "life back"

Jessica Thompson wants to get her "life back." At 708 lbs., she's struggling to get through basic tasks during the day and dealing with severe health problems — endometrial cancer, kidney failure and pulmonary embolisms — but she's worries about the potential risks of undergoing weight loss surgery.

The 32-year-old knows bariatric weight loss surgery is one of the best options for getting her health back on track, and consults a friend who successfully lost weight to get her opinion in this exclusive clip from Wednesday's episode of Too Large.

"Today, I asked my friend Amanda to come over," Thompson explains. "Amanda used to be big, so since she's been through it she's going to talk to me and give me her overall opinion and advice."

Amanda Register, who documented her weight loss journey on the show Family By the Ton, shares that Thompson "has a very similar story to what I had."

"Three years ago, I was 715 lbs., I was on the verge of being completely homebound, and I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. But then Dr. Proctor performed surgery on me and now my whole life has changed. I've lost close to 500 lbs., and I'm endometrial cancer-free, and I've even gotten married to someone else who had weight loss surgery," Register says. "Surgery has completely saved my life, and now I'm trying to help others do the same thing by getting my life coach/nutritionist/wellness certification."

Thompson tells Register that she feels ready to make a change, but has hesitations.

"I've watched your journey and it kind of inspired me that it's time, you know? I've watched how you've gotten your life back, and I really want my life back," Thompson says. "But, I ain't trying to be skinny. I ain't never been skinny. You know, I just want to put back on some blue jeans. I just don't want to become obsessed with losing the weight and becoming somebody that I'm not."

Plus, Thompson says, she's been spending time reading internet forums about weight loss surgery that scared her away.

"You hear so many horror stories, like, groups that I follow, I might read for two weeks everybody's success. Then the next week you might read, everybody is in the hospital, it's been horrible," she says. 

Register says in a separate interview that Thompson may have reservations about weight loss surgery, but it's essential at this point to saving her life.

"I can tell that Jessica is resistant to surgery, and just making excuses as to why she wouldn't want to get it," Register says. "But right now, with Jessica's health, like she already has health issues, she already has kidney issues, she already has all these problems and it's only going to get worse if she doesn't do anything about the weight."

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