20 Quick Ways to Burn 150 Calories

If one is looking for ways to burn calories, there are different ways to do so. 150 calories is an amount that is effective for everyday weight loss and for ensuring weight management in the long run. With the objective of burning 150 calories, one can plan their meals, exercises and activities accordingly. Here is a list of popular physical activities that one can combine or choose from in order to lose weight and manage calories.

1. Biking

2. Jogging

This is another beneficial activity that one can do. When done outdoors, it helps one to benefit from the fresh air and sunshine. To make this activity effective one needs to do it for 19 minutes.

3. Running

Nowadays running is picking up pace in many, especially as a lifestyle sport. It can be done indoors, on a treadmill or outdoors. When facing the outdoors and the rough terrain, one can run at a speed of 8 miles per hour for a time span of 10 minutes or run at a slower pace, that of 6 miles per hour and for a time of 13 minutes to ensure that 150 calories are burnt off.

4. Gym Workouts

Taking on membership at a health club or gym can be an effective way to ensure that you burn the required calories during a week. Most gyms have trainers who can help members do circuit training, push-ups and other forms of strength training for about 17 minutes. When doing the treadmill or taking an aerobics class, one needs to ensure that they exercise for a total span of 22 minutes. Elliptical machines can be used for about 24 minutes that helps to burn 150 calories in a session.

5. Exercise Classes

Most gyms organize exercise classes that act as effective ways for members to exercise, in a group and under the guidance of experts. These sessions are designed to help members lose weight for a certain time period and levels are varied as per the age and fitness levels of the individuals.

6. Martial Arts Classes

Fitness classes can be several such as pilates that helps to work out the core. One can also take on classes like taekwondo, kickboxing, karate; practicing such moves for about 14 minutes is usually adequate. Min body exercises such as yoga and tai chi are effective when done for 33 minutes.

7. Hobby Classes

Outdoor walking clubs, social dance lessons and other recreational activities done in a group, for a time span of 30 to 60 minutes, can be effective for managing body weight.

8. Soccer

This is an active team game that offers several health benefits. Whether one plays it at leisure, it can help promote physical coordination, alertness as well as help burn calories.

9. Rugby

This can be a good sport to engage in with a team. It improves physical prowess and strength; calories can be burnt at 150 calories every day by playing for 13 minutes.

10. Other Team Sports

Every kind of team sport, from cricket, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and others can help one to stay active as well as you stave off excess weight. A session of 17 minutes is adequate for managing weight.

11. Hiking

Hiker in boots and backpack holds walking stick as she pauses on dirt mountain pass

This is a healthy way to enjoy the outdoors, especially when you are in a new town or exploring the wilderness. Hiking for 22 minutes can help one to burn calories effectively.

12. Walking

One can walk at different paces to manage their weight. It is easy to burn 150 calories by walking briskly for 35 minutes; if the pace is slower one can walk for 40 minutes while a slow pace walk will require 53 minutes to an hour.

13. Leisure Activities

One can do different leisure activities such as playing golf, tossing Frisbee, playing with kids outside or a game like a game of table tennis for about 30 minutes.

14. Water Sports

Water sports involving swimming can help to burn calories. If one is swimming at a fast pace, the time required is 13 minutes. If it is a moderate pace the time one spends in water can be 20 minutes. Many clubs have water aerobics that are done for a time period of 30 minutes.

15. Dance

fitness, sport, dance and lifestyle concept – group of smiling people with coach dancing zumba in gym or studio

Different forms of dance help to burn calories in different ways. Ballet styles are good to practice for 22 minutes while disco dancing is also effective for about 24 minutes. Line dancing, slow-paced ballroom dancers are effective for 30 to 40 minutes.

16. Fitness In Cold Weather

There are fun activities that one can do in the snow that would help one to stay in shape. These include sledding, downhill skiing as well as cross country skiing.

17. Yardwork

Doing garden or yard chores can be effective for burning calories. Shoveling snow by hand, spading one’s garden, pushing a lawn mower, as well as raking leaves, are activities that can help one to burn calories, especially when done for at least half an hour.

18. Home Improvement

Doing home repairs, washing windows, painting the house can help beautify the house as well as help in burning calories. No matter what activity is chosen, it should be done for at least half an hour.

19. Housework

Indoor chores also help in burning calories such as scrubbing the floor, dusting or vacuuming as well as ironing clothes. The activities should be done for 30 to 60 minutes.

20. Resting

This is another way to burn calories. If one sits back and reads for about two hours, watches television for about 2 and a half hours or sleeps for two and a half hours, these states of existence also help to burn fat.

The above activities can be combined in different ways to stay healthy and manage one’s weight.


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