Combined we’ve lost 313 pounds in 22 months.

My name is Tracie Sanderlin. In January 2007, I tipped the scales at 374 pounds. My husband, Craig was clocking in at 350 pounds. We have a beautiful young son, then 2 years old. We needed to do something to be sure to be here for him. So, I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers and told my husband that he can either come along for the ride or fight me and do it all on his own. He figured it wasn’t worth the fight, so he just ate what I told him to. I started a website for my friends and family to follow my weight loss journey, and to sign up to support me for each 5 pounds I needed to lose. I needed someone to be accountable to other than just myself. In the past 22 months, I have lost 187 pounds (I’m literally 1/2 the size I was when I started) and Craig has lost 126 pounds. But what we’ve gained is fantastic! And the amount of people I have been able to reach across the WORLD through my website is amazing. I’ve inspired so many others to start or continue their weight loss journey. It makes me feel great that I can inspire others to make a life saving change.


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