Watching her weight skyrocket Lindsey decided it was time for a fresh start.

Watching her weight skyrocket Lindsey decided it was time for a fresh start. With the help and support of her family she was able to turn her life around!

Vital Stats

Name: Lindsey Szvetits


Bodyspace: LINDZFIT

Additional Info: You can follow my fitness journey on twitter at and check out my website


Age: 20

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 165 lbs

Body Fat: Yikes, thank goodness I never knew!


Age: 24

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 122 Contest, 128 Off Season

Body Fat: I sit between 7%-12%

Why I Got Started

Throughout my entire childhood, I had always been an athlete and found myself excelling at any sport I attempted. When high school came around, I found my passion in basketball. After graduating from a very prestigious college prep high school in Southern California at which I maintained a 4.2 GPA, I went on to experience the good, bad and ugly sides of college life. From ages 18-20, I battled many personal demons including anorexia and addiction to cocaine and crystal meth.

I also found out at this time that I had tested positive for the beginning stages of cervical cancer and that I would have to have surgery to remove the precancerous cells. Having been an athlete my entire life, I honestly can say that I had lost control-I was on a complete downward spiral. It was then that I saw the scale start to climb… 120, 125, 135… all the way to 165 lbs!

Watching my weight skyrocket like this was not helping me stay away from drugs as I saw this as the answer. It was time for a change. I decided, with the help and support of my family, especially my amazing dad that I was going to win this battle and start fresh.

How I Did It

I had quit doing drugs cold turkey and found myself moving to Denver, Colorado. It was here that I chose to hire a trainer, just to help me tone up. Little did I know that my trainer would literally save my life. There were moments I wanted to go back to my old ways but I now had someone in my life who was teaching me new, healthy addictions and something far greater… Love. Yup, that trainer is now my husband and we have been together for four years!

I had never heard of “figure competitions” or anything of the sort until I met Dave who is a nationally qualified bodybuilder. He was the one who first suggested I start training for a show as he thought I had a unique look that judges would love. I entered the first Bodysport.Com Fitness Model Search at the 2006 Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta. I didn’t really know what I was doing and seeing that the show was right around the time of the Olympia, I listened to a lot of the podcasts on from all the figure girls and tried to mold my diet like theirs. I stepped on stage in a custom bikini by Christine Marsh Designs and to every one’s surprise, especially mine; I won the show and a photoshoot with Terry Goodlad. I was hooked.

My physical struggles did not end with my new found love of competing. In January of 2008, I found out I had a massive hematoma in my chest that would require extensive surgery and needless to say time out of the gym. I did not let this slow me down, but rather used it to fuel my drive to come back to the stage better than ever! I would definitely say I am a girl who “does my research” and I saw that Paul Dillett had something really good brewing up in Canada that was drawing the likes of icons such as Jennifer Nicole Lee, Tina Rigdon, Katie Uter and Melissa Hall.

After extensively looking into the WBFF I thought it would be a great fit for me as I carry more muscle than a bikini model but less than a figure competitor. The Diva Fitness Model Division was a perfect fit for me and I set my sights on the 2009 WBFF British Columbia Championships in hopes of obtaining Pro Status and the right to compete against women I have idolized at WBFF World Championships.

In the weeks leading up to my show, I tried out for the Lingerie Football League’s newest team, the Denver Dream. I was not only selected to be on the team, but I was chosen to be Quarterback and Captain! WOW! And if that wasn’t enough, the week before my show, I did a photo shoot with Isaac Hinds of Lift Studios and and received an email from him a few days later saying that he had submitted the pictures to and that I had been chosen to be the wallpaper of the week! What an honor!

I am thrilled to say that not only am I now a WBFF PRO, but also the newest member of Team Muscle Pharm! I am so honored to be a part of both of these organizations. I now have my sights set on the WBFF World Championships as well as the 2009 FLEX Bikini Model Search. A few people who helped me get where I am today and deserve a BIG thanks are my husband for his unwavering physical and emotional support, my family (my brother is now dubbed “Masta Chicken” for cooking endless pounds of the bird) and my trainers Ben Clark and IFBB Pro Chaundra Tangi.


I really believe Muscle Pharm products played a BIG role in helping me obtain my Pro status. I also take my BCAA’s, CLA’s, green tea extract, a digestive enzyme and a calcium supplement.


A sample diet day for me is as follows:

Upon Rising:

o Protein shake

Off to the gym to lift, followed by cardio

Post Workout:

o Egg whites

o Oatmeal

o Blueberries

Meal 3:

o 6 oz of lean protein

o Rice

o Veggies

Meal 4:

o 5 oz white fish

o Rice

o Veggies

Meal 5:

o Protein shake

o Small apple

Meal 6:

o 3 oz lean protein

o Veggies

Meal 7:

o Casein Shake


Here is my current training spilt. On top of this, I also do power yoga two-three times a week and cardio 6 days a week.

* Day 1: Back/Abs

* Day 2: Shoulders/Chest

* Day 3: Lower Body Plyos/CrossFit

* Day 4: OFF

* Day 5: Arms/Boxing/Upper Body Plyos

* Day 6: Legs

* Day 7: OFF

I train my upper body HEAVY staying within the 8-12 rep range and I throw in some FST-7 training to mix it up.

For lower body, I can definitely move some weight but in order to keep my physique balanced and symmetrical, I train my legs in the 15-30 rep range. I will do 3-4 sets of each exercise and I do a lot of supersets and giant sets.

Suggestions For Others

I truly believe in the power of visualization. Set a goal and stick to it but at the same time, never lose balance in your daily life. Family always comes first! My favorite quote is, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try!”

Dare To Try!!

Thank you so much for choosing me as a transformation story. Look for me in the August FLEX Bikini Model Search and in September at the WBFF World Championships and at the Olympia!

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