Weight Loss Before and After: Annabel Lost 150 Pounds With Plenty Of Exercise

Name: Annabel Adams

Age: 25

Occupation: Singer, blogger (FeedMeI’mCranky.com), Master’s Student and Marketing Assistant

How often do you exercise? I try to exercise every day, but I will not force myself to if I legitimately do not feel well. I typically run three days a week and strength train three days a week.

What type of exercise do you do? I run, do the elliptical, strength train, and dabble in yoga and dance.

What gets you to work out, even when you’re feeling lazy? I rarely feel lazy but if I am feeling unmotivated, knowing that exercise helps me relieve stress and gain perspective really gets me going. I also know how far I’ve come, and I want to keep going for eternity. In the past six years, I’ve lost 150 pounds and maintained the weight loss. My twin brother is the one who was my motivator and cheerleader. He got on the track towards a healthy lifestyle and took me along for the ride. We haven’t looked back since then!

What’s on your MP3 player? The Antique Toys, Amanda Palmer, Radiohead, Muse

Favorite healthy food? Anything with black beans! Black bean wraps, burritos, quesadillas and burgers. I’ve even tried black bean brownies!

Favorite not-so-healthy food? Cheesecake … yummy! It’s on my goal list to learn and master a healthy cheesecake recipe!

Greatest fitness accomplishment? I ran 19 miles in training for a marathon, but, unfortunately, I could not complete the marathon after getting tendinitis in my right knee — which has since healed. I lost 150 pounds by learning how to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Best fitness advice? Life is too short to hate exercise. Make exercise fun by finding something you actually enjoy doing and don’t be afraid to experiment to get there. When all else fails, work out with a buddy! The time flies when you have a twin running next to you, as I did.


Source: Thatsfit


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