Weight Loss Before and After: Nancy Lost 100 Pounds Before Her 40th

Nancy Rushing, 40, grew up in a meat-and-potatoes family where eating large portions—and being a little pudgy—was the norm.

But three years ago, at 259 pounds, she was shopping for jeans and realized she had gone up yet another size. “Getting to a size 22 was my breaking point,” she says. Her plan: Join Jenny Craig to learn about healthy eating, and start walking.

How she did it:Nancystarted walking at home (inArlington,Texas) on an old treadmill she got from her aunt. To stay motivated, she watched musicals like Hairspray and High School Musical as she walked. Twice a week, she also walked the halls and stairs at the school where she teaches.

The payoff:Nancyshed a total of 100 pounds in 14 months, and two weeks before she turned 40 in April, she ran her first 5K. Now when she hits the mall to go jeans shopping, it’s much more fun. “Not only are there more choices, but clothes tend to fit on the first try,” she says.


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