Weight Loss Success Stories: Kelly Lost 71 Pounds To Fit Into Her Dream Wedding Dress

Getting engaged motivated Kelly to shape up her eating and exercising habits and lose 70 pounds

Vitals: Kelly G., Rosemount, MN
Occupation: Marketing and Sales
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Began Weight-Loss Program: 12/8/08
Time at Current Weight: 3 months
Before 240 lbs.
After 169 lbs.

The Gain
I started gaining most of my weight after college. I started a full time desk job and rarely spent time walking around. The only time I would get up from my desk was to go to the bathroom or go to lunch. Every day I told myself that I would start my diet tomorrow and before I knew it was 240 pounds at the age of 23.

The Change
I got engaged in February of 2008 and I knew that there was no way in heck that I was walking down the aisle looking the way I was. Well, once again I put it off every day and kept eating unhealthy and not exercising. On December 7, 2008, I went wedding dress shopping … it was supposed to be one of the best parts of wedding planning and I felt miserable. The next day was the first day to a new me.

The Lifestyle
I joined a gym that was walking distance to my work. Every day at lunch time I got my butt to the gym and worked out for 30 minutes. I started counting calories and kept track of the foods I was eating every day. I mixed in weight lifting with my cardio and started attending fitness classes two times a week. Before I knew it the weight started coming off and the differences every day gave me more and more motivation to keep going.

The Key to Success
Support: I have an incredible support system with my family, friends and coworkers. I feel that without them I would have not been able to come as far as I have.

Derailers and Strategies
Weekends are tough as there are tons of challenges I come across. I always make sure to keep the mindset that this is lifestyle change and if I don’t allow myself to have a doughnut or a slice of a pizza then I will ultimately fail … it’s all about moderation.

When I Slip…
I remind myself that I am human and I will not be perfect.

When I Soar…
June 13, 2009: Walking down the aisle, seeing my husband’s face and listening to people gasp in shock.


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