What You Should Eat Before Bed to Lose Weight?

Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day. At the same time, people who have the habit of skipping it tend to have heavy supper or dinner before bed. Needless to say, calorie counters and health professionals, dieticians, and others have always been on the debate of what is a good way to eat before you go to bed? Perhaps, here are some options.

Eat Cottage Cheese

A fresh curd product often without the tangy taste. When I was young, my grandfather used to eat some of it with a spoon sugar for kids before going to bed. This freshly prepared cheese is made at home in many places worldwide. With up to 8% calcium and Vitamin A and Magnesium, it also has some sugar. With saturated fat below 2gm, a 100gm portion gives you 98 calories. A high in proteins and nutrients, cottage cheese is a healthy dessert before every night’s bedtime.

Greek Yogurt

Available these days in several varieties, Greek yogurt is also rich in nutrients and proteins. It is a dairy product that is thick and has a tart taste. The difference from regular yogurt being less rich in sugar. It is still not a fresh curd-like cottage cheese but fermented and left for a while allowing the taste of yogurt to set it. It is high in Sodium and Potassium, Calcium and Vitamin B6. And, compared to cottage cheese having 100gms will give you only 59 calories. So, if you want to eat nothing for dinner, better have cottage cheese.

Protein Shake

There are endless varieties of protein shakes you can prepare at home or can order from your nearest thick shake factory. These are available for muscle mass in different flavors in big boxes. While people also make them fresh and have them early in the morning. However, if you wish to skip dinner every day, having a glass of protein shake can be a good thing. Even, you can even give it to your growing kids before they go to bed.


This is similar to a thin yogurt drink made from Kefir grains. It is a fermented milk drink, to be specific and has originated in the European regions. It is often prepared by inoculating cow, goat or sheep milk. It is healthy and is considered comparable to drinking yogurt. It aids in boosting the immune system, aids in digestion problems, improve bone health and among other things.

High-Fiber Cereal

This is not a food but a category. There are several brands today in the market that make a c good combo for breakfast. All-Bran is one such product that is known well by its name. The cereals with high-fiber content help in digestion and offer a rich in nutrition alternative to fried or other food that you might have for dinner. These are also the best recommendations for weight loss because of very little fat and sugar content.


Perhaps, one of the best-advertised products in the market is oatmeal and today it is used in healthy drinks, biscuits and more. It is made from hulled oat grains and gives around 70 calories per 100g. With very less saturated fat, and rich in Sodium and Potassium, it is good in Vitamin A and Calcium. Thus, good for weight loss.

Egg Wrap

These are the fancy food options for kids who are trying to lose weight and still want to eat something before going to bed. If oatmeal and protein shakes are not their thing, a hot and yummy egg wrap might be the thing to try. Of course, you can add some veggies too.

Chocolate Milk

A good old way of drinking a glass of milk before going to bed is great. This is good for kids and adults as well. But many don’t like the taste of it, so adding some chocolate powder to warm milk and giving a good stir is great.


Now, popcorn is loved by everyone during the movies but it also can be used as a light meal before going to bed. Just don’t add any cheese, butter, etc and keep it simple. This is good corn rich in B12, helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar among others. No oil, no preservatives.


One of the dry fruits or seeds you can have is almonds. These are good in healthy fats, fiber; protein, magnesium, and vitamin E. use it whether before you go to bed or after getting up. Just chew some or soak them in water for an hour before going to bed. Eat them and drink the water. And, gently go to bed.

The general idea for weight loss is to eat light and healthy before going to bed. It means that you should eat a proper breakfast and lunch, and then eat less for dinner.


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