2021 Mr. Olympia Open Bodybuilding Prediction

2021 Mr. Olympia Men's Open Bodybuilding Predictions

The 2021 Mr. Olympia goes down October 7th-10th, in Orlando, Florida. Ahead of this massive bodybuilding contest, we break down who may wind up in the top six of the Men’s Open, and who will win that coveted title.

The lineup at this year’s Olympia is shaping up to be one of the best versions of the contest that has taken place in a long time. Between the longstanding stars that have ruled the sport for years, and the new crop of stars that are rising up, a changing of the guard is expected to start taking place.

Unfortunately there are some big names and fan favorites who will be sitting out this year’s competition, not least of which is Phil Heath who has been vocal about his frustrations with the Olympia. This will also be the first time that Dexter Jackson is missing from the show in several years, as he retired after last year’s contest.

2018 champion Shawn Rhoden is still dealing with sending legal issues that have left him without a pro card and unable to compete. Longtime 212 king Flex Lewis was ready to make his Open debut, but for the second year in a row he is left dealing with injury.

There was also some rumors that Kai Greene might be making his long awaited return at the 2021 Mr. Olympia. Despite the speculation and hints that he has dropped, he once again has not made an effort to compete.

Nevertheless there will be a lot of big names competing, and naturally not all of them will end up in the top six. Roelly Winklaar has struggled in his last two appearances, qualifying for the show on a second place at the Europa Spain show, but has some issues that prevented him from competing at the Arnold Classic, making his condition unknown ahead of the big show.

Akim Williams has been looking impressive lately, winning the Puerto Rico Pro, but has notable losses to some of the bigger names in the sport. Nathan De Asha was one of the men who beat Roelly earlier this year and just wins the first-ever Arnold Classic UK last week, so it will be interesting to see how he looks if he return to the Olympia stage.

With the wide array of athletes competing in the Men’s Open division this year, it is hard to tell exactly who will arise as the winner by the end of the weekend. However we did our best to comb through the lineup, and determine just who might wind up in the top six of this contest.

2021 Mr. Olympia Top Six Prediction

6. Hunter Labrada

After winning the 2021 Chicago Pro, Hunter Labrada promised to bring an even better physique to the 2021 Mr. Olympia. If he is able to do that, he will quite likely find himself sitting in the top six of this contest.

Hunter has been doing a lot of work with his father, the legendary Lee Labrada, ahead of his sophomore outing at the big show. With this help, plus the impressive physique he already has shown on Instagram, many believe that he will be a future champion, but for 2021, we see him landing in the sixth place position.

5. William Bonac

One of the mainstays of the Men’s Open division, William Bonac has come as high as second place at the Olympia. He was expected to take on the 2021 Arnold Classic, but travel restrictions forced him out of the contest, meaning that the only time we have seen him onstage this year is with a guest posing a few weeks ago.

Provided there is no further issues with him getting into the states, chances are high for him to land in the fifth place position. Any time that he is able to step on stage, he always delivers a well conditioned and balanced physique, and this will likely be the case here.

4. Nick Walker

The hottest prospect in the Men’s Open division in 2021 is clearly Nick Walker. He won the New York Pro and Arnold Classic this year, promising that he would wind up in the top 5 at his first ever Olympia, and that seems very possible.

He has the support of many big names in the sport, and has the mass and conditioning to be a problem for anyone on stage. If he can bring the same physique as the Arnold, he can easily wind up in fourth, but if his package is even better, he might find himself in the top three.

3. Brandon Curry

2019 Mr. Olympia winner Brandon Curry was the closest man to beating Big Ramy last year, and has said that he knows what he needs to work on to do better this year. Mainly he has been focusing on adding mass, instead of focusing so much on conditioning like he did last year, to beat Phil Heath.

The one concern is that if Brandon puts too much focus into his mass, he may lose the detail that helped lead him to victory in 2019. However if he can strike that perfect balance, he easily could go toe-to-toe with the defending champ.

2. Hadi Choopan 

Hadi Choopan came in fourth place at last year’s Olympia, but many felt that he deserved to beat Phil Heath. He was also second place on the scorecards during the Finals, with his package being enough to best everyone but Ramy.

Typically Hadi has trouble getting into the United States, which makes his prep difficult, but this year he arrived with several weeks to go. It is quite possible that this will give him the edge needed to make the right adjustments and pull of a second place score.

1. Big Ramy

Big Ramy looked nearly flawless in his win last year, and it is hard not to expect the same thing from him at the 2021 Mr. Olympia. One of his biggest critiques has been about his consistency, but he has been working with Dennis James for the last several weeks, and it seems that this has kept him on track.

If he is able to make the improvements that have been promised between last year and this year, it is tough to see anyone holding a candle to the impressive package he will bring. Even if he looks the exact same though, he will still be tough to beat, which is why we predict that he will be defending his title.

Mr. Olympia Schedule

FRIDAY 10/8/2021

  • Mr. Olympia Pre-Judging (7:00 am)
  • Mr. Olympia Finals (7:00 pm)

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Mr. Olympia Open Bodybuilding Qualified Athletes

  1. William Bonac (Netherlands)
  2. Hadi Choopan (Iran)
  3. Brandon Curry (USA)
  4. Nathan De Asha (UK)
  5. Mamdouh Elssbiay (Egypt)
  6. Regan Grimes (Canada)
  7. Phil Heath (USA)
  8. James Hollingshead (UK)
  9. Hunter Labrada (USA)
  10. Patrick Moore (USA)
  11. Hassan Mostafa (Egypt)
  12. Andrea Presti (Italy)
  13. Justin Rodriguez (USA)
  14. Mohamed Shaaban (Egypt)
  15. Vladyslav Sukhoruchko (Ukraine)
  16. Iain Valliere (Canada)
  17. Nicholas Walker (USA)
  18. Akim Williams (USA)
  19. Roelly Winklaar (Curacao)

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Mr. Olympia Winners History 

You can check the full Mr. Olympia history here!

2020 Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay Orlando, FL
2019 Brandon Curry Las Vegas, NV
2018 Shawn Rhoden Las Vegas, NV
2017 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2016 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2015 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2014 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2013 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2012 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2011 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2010 Jay Cutler Las Vegas, NV
2009 Jay Cutler Las Vegas, NV
2008 Dexter Jackson Las Vegas, NV
2007 Jay Cutler Las Vegas, NV
2006 Jay Cutler Las Vegas, NV
2005 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2004 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2003 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2002 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2001 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2000 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
1999 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
1998 Ronnie Coleman New York, NY
1997 Dorian Yates Los Angeles, CA
1996 Dorian Yates Chicago, IL
1995 Dorian Yates Atlanta, GA
1994 Dorian Yates Atlanta, GA
1993 Dorian Yates Atlanta, GA
1992 Dorian Yates Helsinki, Finland
1991 Lee Haney Orlando, FL
1990 Lee Haney Chicago, IL
1989 Lee Haney Rimini, Italy
1988 Lee Haney Los Angeles, CA
1987 Lee Haney Gothenburg, Sweden
1986 Lee Haney Columbus, OH
1985 Lee Haney Brussels, Belgium
1984 Lee Haney New York, NY
1983 Samir Bannout Munich, Germany
1982 Chris Dickerson London, England
1981 Franco Columbu Columbus, OH
1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sydney, Australia
1979 Frank Zane Columbus, OH
1978 Frank Zane Columbus, OH
1977 Frank Zane Columbus, OH
1976 Franco Columbu Columbus, OH
1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger Pretoria, South Africa
1974 Arnold Schwarzenegger New York, NY
1973 Arnold Schwarzenegger New York, NY
1972 Arnold Schwarzenegger Essen, Germany
1971 Arnold Schwarzenegger Paris France
1970 Arnold Schwarzenegger New York, NY
1969 Sergio Oliva New York, NY
1968 Sergio Oliva New York, NY
1967 Sergio Oliva New York, NY
1966 Larry Scott New York, NY
1965 Larry Scott New York, NY

What do you think of these predictions for the 2021 Mr. Olympia? Is there anyone that we are missing that you think will be in the top 6?

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