BREAKING: Women’s Physique Bodybuilder Jennifer Hernandez Passed Away at 58

Jennifer Hernandez Reportedly Passed Away

The death of Women’s Physique Competitor Jennifer Hernandez aged 58 marks another sad day in the bodybuilding community.

In a story that is still developing, Denis James shared on his Instagram that IFBB Pro Jennifer Hernandez has sadly passed away. The cause or nature of her pre-mature passing is still unknown but with such news family members or friends will more than likely speak up as soon as they digest the situation themselves. 


I’m still in shock and can’t believe we lost you Jen. Rest In Peace Jennifer Hernandez🖤🖤🖤You will be missed forever and always.


Jennifer’s last competition was at the Tampa Pro 2021 in August. Jennifer has been a women’s physique competitor since 2005 and was competing as an IFBB pro since getting her pro card in 2009 at the age of 47.

Her main goal was to spread positivity, optimism and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Here’s what she had to say about her mission and goal on her own website;

We all have the ability to shine bright like a star. We have the power to live life to our fullest potential. My goal is to teach the world one person at a time about cherishing yourself, your body, your spirit and pursuing your dreams.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, exercise and a positive mind set are the basic building blocks to being strong, confident, happy and successful.

I want to help you live a life filled with good health, positive energy, happiness and love by teaching you to make better lifestyle choices. Let’s spread more love and happiness in the world.

I am a role model, fitness competitor, personal trainer, teacher, competitor, mom, grandmother and leader.


My mission is to motivate and inspire our current and future generations by providing the knowledge about good nutrition, staying active and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

I am committed to help in the fight against obesity, especially in children.

I want to share my journey and experiences as a professional competitor to help inspire those that want to make a change and live life at their fullest potential possible.

Let’s make positive changes and live a healthy, happy and successful life.

I am inspired by the desire to inspire you!!!

Jennifer Hernandez

High-level bodybuilding and premature death of its competitors have a long history. Even though it is still early to speculate on the nature of Jennifer Herandez’s passing, an educated guess would point towards her profession having a role in her early passing.

Just this year there have been several cases of bodybuilders losing their lives way too early, with the most recent example being 37-year-old George Peterson.

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What exactly ended Jennifer Hernandez’s life is still unknown and no official statement has been made by either her friends or her family and as of now any speculation of her death is just that, speculation. 

Competition History

Year Competition Place
2021 IFBB Tampa Pro 16th
2016 New York Pro 5th
2015 New York Pro 3rd
2014 PBW Championships – Tampa Pro 7th
2012 Australian Grand Prix 5th
2012 New York Pro 9th

We here at Fitness Volt would like to offer our deepest and sincerest condolences to the family, friends, and supporters of Jennifer Hernandez. 


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