Calories Burned Sleeping Calculator

Calories Burned Sleeping Calculator

Estimate the number of calories burned sleeping using this handy calculator.

Sleeping can burn a significant number of calories and this can contribute to your weight loss goals.


What is The Calories Burned Sleeping Calculator and How Does It Work? 

For those looking to reach a specific weight goal whether that’s losing, maintaining, or gaining pounds, it’s important to have an idea of how many calories you burn throughout the day and this includes sleep. But we’ll talk about this a little later.

How To Use This Calculator

The calories burned sleeping calculator is rather simple and straightforward.

To ensure an easy experience for you, we’ve included step-by-step instructions in detail below.

Step 1: Choose your preferred unit of measurement: Imperial (lbs, hours, and minutes) or metric (kilograms, hours, and minutes).

Step 2: Enter your weight.

Step 3: Enter your height.

Step 4: Provide your age.

Step 5: Type in the number of hours slept.

Step 6: Press Calculate!

It’s really that simple!

How Many Calories Do We Burn During Sleep?

Because we’re all unique, the number of calories that we burn while sleeping varies as many things can affect calorie output.

For example, our calculator factors in age, weight, height, and the number of hours slept per night to approximate how much energy you expend while snoozing.

But it’s important to understand that while these are key factors, sleep quality, activity levels, temperature/environment, hormones, breathing/heart rate, and body composition play a role too. However, these elements are more difficult to measure.

But that’s the point of this calculator. You punch in the necessary details and it’ll give you a close estimate of calories burned while getting your zzz’s in.

However, we’ve provided a few examples of how our calculator will estimate calories burned.

Calories Burned in Sleeping

Example of how the calculator works

According to the calories burned sleeping tool, a 32-year-old male who is 5’6″ tall, weighs 145 lbs, and sleeps for 6 hours will burn 388 calories/65 calories per hour.

The same person will expend about 646 calories sleeping for 10 hours which is a significant increase in calories burned. 

But how many calories will a 250 lb person burn with all stats being the same as the previous example? The answer is a lot more… like 457 more calories (845 calories) than the 145 lb person (388 calories), according to the calculator.

Then, of course, height and age affect energy burned. For example, a younger person will typically expend more energy than an older person. 

How many calories you can burn sleeping is dependent on several factors.

While it’s not so easy to precisely estimate calories burned from sleeping, our calculator is designed to provide a reasonable estimate of energy expenditure.

How Does The Calculator Determine Calories Burned Sleeping? 

The calculator uses a formula that includes weight, height, age, and sleep hours to give an estimate of calories burned sleeping.

How does it do that? 

Firstly, the calculator determines your metabolic rate or metabolism.

What does that mean? Keep reading for a more detailed explanation.

If you take two people, one weighs 150 lbs and the other weighs 210 lbs, the person who weighs less will burn fewer calories compared to the heavier individual doing the same activity for the same duration. 

Sleeping Calculator

Why Does A Heavier Person Burn More Calories?

A calorie is a unit of energy and a heavier body requires more calories to carry out basic physiological functions. This can mean doing absolutely nothing. 

Think of it like how a larger vehicle typically uses up more fuel than a smaller one. Weight affects fuel consumption (the amount of energy used).

But this also means that the heavier person expends more calories in a rested (non-exercising) state. 

This is also known as metabolic rate or metabolism. 

The calculator uses a formula to approximate resting calories burned and then it factors in the duration and activity (sleep in this case) to guesstimate calories burned. 

Can I Burn Enough Calories Sleeping To Lose Weight?

As you can see, the simple act of sleeping can burn lots of calories which is an essential component of the weight loss process.

But you cannot intentionally burn a specific number of calories during sleep because, well, you’re asleep! So it’s not like one person can sleep harder during the same time in an effort to try and burn more calories.

However, good habits like being active, eating right, staying hydrated, and reducing stress can help to increase energy expenditure. 

How much weight you lose though, really and truly depends on your overall lifestyle habits and approach to your goals. 

As long as you create a calorie deficit, and do it the healthy and proper way, you can lose weight.

To drop pounds and reach your goal weight, you want to first determine your maintenance calories, and then reduce your calorie intake, exercise more, or do a combination of the two. 

Use our weight loss calculator to determine the number of calories you should be consuming.  

If you also do resistance training and want to maximize muscle gain and muscle maintenance as you knock off the body fat, our macronutrient calculator is a very useful tool.

It’ll recommend an ideal protein, carbohydrates, and fat intake for you.

Fit Man Woke Up

How Does Sleeping Burn Calories?

Most people associate exercise with burning a significant number of calories. However, sleeping burns a decent number of calories too. 

Just think about it, our bodies are complex systems that function like a machine. Sleep helps us to recover, regenerate, build new tissue and cells, and it’s essential for good health. But these processes come at a cost… you’ve got to burn some calories

You can’t get a vehicle to run its systems without a fuel or power source and we’re no different. 

Stages of Sleep and Calories Burned

According to the Sleep Foundation, the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep uses the most energy (1). It increases heart rate and heightens brain activity which requires more glucose (fuel) and amps up the metabolism. 

Calories Nutrition Food Exercise

In comparison, the third stage of sleep (deep sleep) slows down heart rate, metabolism, breathing, and core temperature. As a result, less energy is needed for this sleep cycle. 

It’s important to note that the calories burned sleeping calculator does not factor in the different sleep cycles. This may have a slight effect on the accuracy along with the other factors that it also does not take into consideration. 

But, in general, if you get decent quality sleep, this should help to give you a fairly good approximation. 

Check out this guide to learn more about the importance of sleep for good health and achieving your fitness goals

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Learn How Many Calories You Burn Sleeping!

The calories burned sleeping calculator is a useful tool that anyone can use to help them reach their weight goals or learn something new. 

It’s very easy to use and can be used alongside our other calories burned calculators to take your health and fitness to the next level.


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