Canadian Woman hoping to inspire…..

Hi there. I started my own weight loss journey back about 8 months ago on November 11th 2007! My mission and goal was to lose 150lbs in just 12 months!! I know it sounds crazy, but I am doing it! While hoping to inspire many! Being married, not to mention a mother with 3 young children all under the age of 5, and working a part time job, I thought my life was a good example of what many women live today! I took on this transformation project, working with a great friend of mine/trainer Robert Lagana, a professional Canadian bodybuilder, who has won numerous competitions himself, and has been studying this for over 14 years, so he is an expert in this field! He not only went to school, but Robert lives it! Robert knows how to balance the right food combinations, with the right exercise programs to get real results!! So we thought together we would show everyone, by witnessing this story first hand as it unfolds month after month, that anyone who is determined enough can beat this obesity problem once and for all without any sugery or quick fix pills! Just dedication and hard work and a healthy eating plan! My starting weight was 275lbs and I have already lost 112lbs in 8 presently I am standing at 163lbs! Although I have 38lbs to lose by November 11th 2008, the final is fast approaching! I feel great! Energized and already have become a whole different person in such a short period of time. I have gone from size 26-28 when starting…to now a size 12! Will we be able to do it? Complete this transformation by November 11th? Check out my blog at *where you will always see my weekly weigh ins posted every Monday, read my entries, as well as being the first to see my most recent updated pics as they are posted speratically, and also on the 11th of each month to view first hand the month to month changes. My trainers website is This is a great website, full of useful information, which can help you as well reach your own personal goals, and where you can get in touch with Robert personally! Check it out! This is a whole body transformation project, not just a weight loss story….Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!!


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