David Bautista Shares His Diet and Training Routine, Plans To Go Vegan

David Bautista Diet And Workout

Actor David Bautista is known for his jacked physique and equally impressive athleticism for someone that stands 6ft-4in tall and weighs in 240s. The 52-yar-old former wrestler made a transition to acting at a relatively later stage of his life. However, looking at his fitness level and continued success in Hollywood, one can’t help but wonder how he manages to keep himself in that shape. In a recent video interview with Men’s Health, David Bautista showed around his gym, shared his diet and fitness routine.

David Bautista’s food preferences

In the first segment of the video, David Bautista showed the fridge in his kitchen and spoke about how his dietary preferences have changed over the years. Just like every young man obsessed with bodybuilding, Bautista consumed a high-protein and calorie-dense diet in his early life.

However, after beginning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training under Caesar Gracie in 2010, Bautista leaned towards a mostly plant-based and pescetarian diet. He cut out red meat completely from his diet a decade ago.

David Bautista’s eating habits

The 52-year-old typically eats healthy foods. His regular meals include rice and beans, fish (twice a week), and eggs for the breakfast. David Bautista has chronic asthma and has eliminated dairy products from his diet since 2005.

Bautista’s impeccable physique and martial arts background are an important aspect of his acting career as the former pro-wrestler mostly works in action movies. In the interview, Bautista revealed that he is contractually obligated to eat no less than every four hours to maintain his muscular look! While on movie shoots, David Bautista uses meal prep services to meet his dietary requirements.

Almond butter with banana and vegan gluten-free grilled cheese sandwiches are David Bautista’s favorite go-to snacks. He plans to become completely vegan eventually. When asked about his favorite comfort food, Bautista stated Sushi as something that he can eat every single day.

David Bautista’s gym and workout routine

David Bautista’s jacked physique has always been the benchmark of fitness for men around the world. It would have been surprising if the former WWE champion did not allot ample space for his training requirements in his house. Bautista’s gym has two separate floors dedicated to weight training and martial arts practice. According to him, the gym is not necessarily a place for him to stay in shape, but a place where he gets peace of mind.

“This is not only like a place where I can stay in shape. But this is also like, this is my sanctuary. I come here for peace of mind. It’s therapeutical for me. It’s not something that I have to do to stay in shape but something I need to do to keep, you know, my mind right.”

David Bautista rose in the WWE as a heel character with a menacing physique. Therefore, it was only natural for him to be obsessed with the optics in the early going of his career. However, his fitness priorities have changed over the course of two decades. David Bautista stated that chronic asthma has compelled him to focus more on improving his cardio in recent times. Irrespective of the movie roles, Bautista mostly follows a consistent training routine without much change. However, he admitted to having adopted a different training program for his portrayal of Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel movies.

I really wanted to look the part. I really wanted to be invested in Drax. So, you probably noticed that I am the only Marvel character who is shirtless in every film. Even when I am in outer space, I am shirtless.”

Training preferences

David Bautista generally trains twice a day in his gym. While the training includes weight training, cardio as well as martial arts training, Bautista stated that he prefers martial arts sessions over weight training.

The 52-year-old former pro-wrestler tried his hand in mixed martial arts back in 2012 when he defeated Vince Lucero via a first-round TKO. A purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Bautista believes that he is a natural grappler. Although not very comfortable, he also likes to do boxing training regularly.

“Boxing is all kinds of awkward. But I’ve been obsessed with boxing since I was a kid. I love to do it. It just takes me to a better place mentally, it gets me in great shape physically.” David Bautista said.

When asked about his idea of an intense workout, Bautista stated that fight training is hands down the most intense form of workout that he has ever experienced. He tried to explain the intensity of a typical five-minute round in combat sports.

“Fight training is the hardest training I’ve ever done. It’s HIT training while you are getting punched in the face. It sucks. I don’t think people realize how grueling a five-minute round is. It’s absolutely, it’s the most grueling thing that I’ve done in my life. To watch these guys go a five-minute round like – I know what they’re going through. It’s just something you have to respect.” David Bautista said.

What is David Bautista’s fitness goal?

None of the things mentioned above can yield desired results without motivation and a goal-driven attitude. David Bautista has gained immense popularity through his pro-wrestling and acting career. It naturally makes us wonder – what could potentially keep him going at this stage of his life?

Bautista believes himself to be a late bloomer and staying healthy to advance his acting career is his primary goal to prioritize fitness.

“You know, I hit my stride later in life and I wanna make the most of it. So, you know, to stay young and healthy ad rejuvenated and everything that just makes me feel good about myself but also continues my career. It’s priceless to me.” David Bautista stated.



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