Traveling my way to weight loss

After that summer, I went to work at a Ski resort. But Shortly after, I had surgery to remove a gallbladder full of gallstones. After surgery, I took a break. I felt like it was a good idea for me physically and mentally. I was told that my infected gallbladder could have been the result of my rapid weight loss. I didn’t want to lose that much that fast again. So from December 2008 to June 2010, I maintained. And it wasn’t hard. I checked my weight once a month, and always stayed within the same 5 pounds, even without counting calories.

Right before I started up again, I decided to move back out west because I loved it so much. I ended up at another resort,and was there for 4 months and 2 weeks. I lost 50 pounds. I used portion control, activities like hiking, swimming, horseback riding, and actual healthy eating. It was the first time I felt like I was eating like a normal person yet still losing weight. Those 50 pounds lost put me from my 20/22’s to a solid size 18. 280 to 230 pounds.

Again, I moved to, and spent a year working at another skiing/snowboarding resort. In January 2011, I joined the gym for the first time, and over the course of 5-6 months, lost 30 pounds. After 3 years, 150 pounds had disappeared from my frame. It was time to go on another maintaining break. So from June-Nov 2011, I held steady at 200 pounds until it was time to start back up again.
Now the hard work began. I soon learned it was easier to lose weight when you have a lot of it in the first place. The closer I got to my goal, the harder it became. It was time to change up some stuff and get serious. My diet had to change. No more fast food or soda, and calorie counting had taken over. I started running. At first only a minute or two at a time, followed by a long walking break. But as months passed, my endurance built up. And by April 2012 I was running between 4-6 miles, 6 days a week, and had dropped another 20 pounds to put me at my current weight

Its been 5 years since I first weighed myself and started this journey. I’ve been maintaining for 8 months, give or take a few pounds, and have moved on to training for my goals of running both a 1/2 and full marathon in 2013. My body is far from perfect. The belly button has become muddled in a pool of loose skin, faded stretchmarks have made their home across my stomache and back, toned arms are overshadowed by my hanging bat wings, and my thighs will never be smooth. But I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. It made me who I am today.

My name is Sarah and at this present time, I stand at a solid 6 feet tall, with an average weight hovering between 180-185. I fit comfortably into a size 12 pair of jeans, and rock size 10 dresses.

At the age of 19, I hit my high weight of 350 pounds. For years, I avoided the scale, terrified at whatever number would pop up but that changed in October of 2007. Fresh out of culinary school for pastry and baking, a friend of mine and I decided to celebrate by flying out to Orlando. What was suppost to be an amazing 5 day vacation turned into asking for seatbelt extenders on flights, not being able to fit into a single roller coaster at universal studios, having a few high school aged students laugh at my size, and constant sweating. Hopping on the scale after this vacation left me feeling mortified. Why did I have to weigh myself? Being oblivious to my actual weight made me happy, where as confronting it left me depressed…

So fast forward 6 months. I didn’t loose but focused on maintaining and accepting myself at this weight because I truely believed I needed to be happy with myself, reguardless of my size, in order to be successful in getting it off.

It was around this time, I decided to do a bit of traveling, working my way through seasonal jobs in order to see parts of the country most people didn’t know still existed…The first leg of my journey brought me to one of the oldest guest ranches in Wyoming, and kickstarted my attempts to loose weight. I started small. Cutting portion sizes and, having no access to fast food, elimating that. And honestly, it wasen’t that hard. Between those and keeping active from work and taking advantage of the beautiful seneary, I dropped 70 pounds over the course of 5 months. From a size 24/26 into 20/22’s. I was so proud of myself.


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