12 best keto breads and substitutes for losing weight

Bread has always been a very popular food and it is quite difficult to avoid.

Universally available, everyone has access to it and it is likely that every single person on the planet has eaten it!

From flatbread to wholemeal bread, white bread to pitta bread, tortilla wraps to ciabatta, there are thousands of varieties and most types of bread are absolutely delicious.

However, bread is high in carbohydrates and is usually the first thing people cut out of their diet when they want to lose weight. For example, a ketogenic diet removes total carbohydrates, making bread a no-go area.

Low-calorie diets can allow some bread, but it is usually very limited.

There are alternative breads that are suitable for some diets, and for those with gluten intolerance, they are sometimes a suitable alternative.

What if you are on a diet and desperately looking for low-carb bread?

Is there a substitute that will satisfy your feeling of hunger and give you the nice feeling that a delicious sandwich usually delivers?

We’re discovering some fantastic low-carb loaves for those days when you really just need a sandwich!

1. Ezekiel bread

This biblically named bread is full of healthy goodness and corresponds to the old bread production (hence the name).

It contains legumes and organic grains such as lentils, spelled and soybeans.

Some Ezekiel breads contain sesame or sorghum.

Bread is said to be a healthier alternative because the grains used in the ingredients sprout before the flour milling process.

This reduces the carbohydrate content.

Only one slice contains 15 g of carbohydrates, so you don’t have to feel too guilty if you have a sandwich of Ezekiel bread.

2. Oopsie bread

Oopsie bread is rich in ketogenic diets or in people who prefer a low-carb variant. It is high in protein.

It consists of eggs and cream cheese with sea salt.

It has a muffin-like consistency because it is soft in the middle and crispy on the outside.

One slice contains 91 calories and 0.5 g carbohydrates.

3. Portobello rolls

If you fancy a hamburger, try large portobello mushrooms instead.

They are certainly the right size and with a juicy burger in the middle, a generous slice of lettuce, beef patties and tomato slices, many people prefer that their burgers be served this way!

Simply grill or bake your Portobello mushrooms to get a low-carb bun replacement (diet 4 g carbohydrates, 26 calories per mushroom).

4. Salad

Fancy a wrap instead of a sandwich?

All you have to do is exchange the high-carb flatbread for a crispy, crispy piece of fresh salad.

You can even serve it with minced meat or chicken schnitzel for a hearty lunch.

Iceberg is the perfect partner for meat; It’s crispy and fills well with zero carbohydrates and almost zero calories. There is absolutely no guilt! (Salad contains approximately 8 calories and 1 g of carbohydrates).

5. Nori Sheets

If you like salt, you will love Japanese Nori seaweed sheets.

They have a salty taste and go well with most hearty dishes.

Do not wrap your stuffing until you want to eat something, as the structure of the nori leaves causes them to get damp.

Nori sheets contain 35 calories per 100 g and 5 g carbohydrates.

6. Almond flour bread

You can easily make this brad yourself and almond flour is a fantastic substitute for white flour.

Almond flour contains vitamin E, manganese, magnesium and good fats.

It also contains only 1.6 g of carbohydrates and 1.6 g of fiber.

The ingredients are almond flour, 5 eggs, olive oil, poppy seeds and baking powder. It is fun to bake and delicious to eat – for the whole family!

7. Rye bread

In moderation, delicious rye bread could be the best choice if you want this “already” texture.

It has a stronger taste than normal bread, but is absolutely delicious with a slice of smoked salmon!

It is darker than regular bread and contains more fiber.

A slim slice contains 18 calories and 3.4 g of carbohydrates.

8. Chickpea flatbread

This type of bread is easy to prepare. Simply mix chickpea flour, water and oil to make your own flatbread.

After baking, simply cut into squares and use for everything (from pizza to burger buns, sandwiches to dips).

It is completely grain-free and high in protein, so it is ideal if you are on a low-carb diet.

Chickpeas contain 8 g of carbohydrates per tablespoon and 40 calories.

9. Cauliflower rice bread

This is best suited for a pizza base, but still makes a delicious, crispy sandwich.

Simply mix cauliflower with eggs and ground almonds to get a pizza crust that is very similar to real business.

It is also quick and easy to prepare, bake in a hot oven for a few minutes until it starts to harden and change color.

Then let it cool and serve it with your preferred low-carb sandwich filling.

100 g cauliflower contain 5 g carbohydrates and only 25 calories.

10. Butternut Pumpkin Bread Alternative

This is probably the easiest to do.

Peel and slice a large butternut squash.

Keep the slices medium and large.

Then bake on baking paper in a hot oven until you notice a change in color.

Check the pumpkin to see if it has hardened while cooking, let it cool, then use it as an alternative to sandwich bread.

Sweet, tasty and nutritious, 100 g of butternut squash contains 45 calories and 12 g of carbohydrates.

11. Thinly sliced ​​ham

For a sandwich without bread, try wrapping your favorite filling with slices of fresh ham.

It is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and a filling and tasty alternative.

Ham contains 123 calories and 1.3 g carbohydrates per 85 g.

12. Eggplant

Similar to butternut squash, slicing an eggplant (medium thickness) and baking in an oven on a baking sheet is a super sandwich bread alternative.

Top with something like chopped tomatoes and herbs, or just eat (they have a fantastic smoky taste) for a guilt-free snack.

85 grams of eggplant contain approximately 25 calories and 4.8 grams of carbohydrates.



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