2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro Results

2021 Romania Muscle Pro Results

The 2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro took place from November 13th-14th, in Bucharest, Romania. This is the complete results of this major bodybuilding contest.

This year the Romania Muscle Fest Pro promised to deliver some serious bodybuilding action from the Eastern Hemisphere. Bodybuilders came from around the globe to participate in this contest, with the hopes of securing an invitation to the 2022 Mr. Olympia.

There were a total of ten divisions on tap for this event, all of which with hungry young athletes filling up the roster in the Men’s Open, 212, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Women’s Physique, and Wellness divisions. The division with the biggest roster though, was Men’s Physique class, that saw an impressive 33 athletes total, signing up before the show began.

Bringing the most attention though was, as usual, the Men’s Open division of the 2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro. While names like Morgan Aste, Roelly Winklaar, and Rafael Brandao are always interesting to see, there were two main athletes that were the center of focus heading into the weekend.

Samson Dauda decided to compete at the Romania Muscle Fest Pro, despite winning and earning an invite to the 2022 Olympia at the EVLS Prague Pro the weekend prior, so it was interesting to see that he was returning here. This was also the first competition in about a year for highly touted prospect Quinton Eriya, so fans were interested to see how he would perform.

In the end though, there could only be one winner in each division. Here are the results from the weekend’s contest.

2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro Winners:

  • Men’s Open: Rafael Brandao
  • Men’s 212: Angel Calderon
  • Classic Physique: José Maria Mete Bueriberi
  • Men’s Physique: Alessandro Cavagnola
  • Women’s Bodybuilding: Nadia Capotosto
  • Figure: Jennifer Zienert
  • Bikini: Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Women’s Physique: Anne Mohn
  • Wellness: Anna Mroczkowska

2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro Results

All the results for the 2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro:

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

  • First Place – Rafael Brandao
  • Second Place – Samson Dauda
  • Third Place – Behrooz Tabani
  • Fourth Place – Emir Omeragic
  • Fifth Place – Quinton Eriya
  • Sixth Place – Milan Sadek

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

  • First Place – Angel Calderon
  • Second Place – Ahmad Ashkanani
  • Third Place – Jafar Ghafarnezhad
  • Fourth Place – Radoslav Angelov
  • Fifth Place – Naser Mohamed
  • Sixth Place – Babak Akbarniya

Classic Physique

  • First Place – José Maria Mete Bueriberi
  • Second Place – Peter Molnar
  • Third Place – Jesus Rodríguez Sendra
  • Fourth Place – Vahid Badpey
  • Fifth Place – Hassan Mahdi Abdulreda
  • Sixth Place – Carlo Michellini

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Alessandro Cavagnola
  • Second Place – Furkan ER
  • Third Place – Andrei Deiu
  • Fourth Place – Daniel Leone
  • Fifth Place – Nemeth Balint
  • Sixth Place – Emile Walker

Women’s Bodybuilding

  • First Place – Nadia Capotosto
  • Second Place – Branka Njegovec
  • Third Place – MayLa Ash
  • Fourth Place – Anastasia Korableva
  • Fifth Place – Tiana Flex
  • Sixth Place – Claudia Mocciaro

Figure Division

  • First Place – Jennifer Zienert
  • Second Place – Tereza Linhartova
  • Third Place – Maryam Bamdad
  • Fourth Place – Gabriela Linhartová
  • Fifth Place – Zulfiya Bitiyeva
  • Sixth Place – Elena Kirshchina

Bikini Division

Ashley wins her 30th IFBB Pro title

  • First Place – Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Second Place – Allison Testu
  • Third Place – Gessica Brun
  • Fourth Place – Tatiana Lanovenko
  • Fifth Place – Matilde Biagini
  • Sixth Place – Stine Hansen

Women’s Physique

  • First Place – Anne Lorraine Mohn
  • Second Place – Carol Alves
  • Third Place – Penpraghai Tiangngok
  • Fourth Place – Ilaria Armeni
  • Fifth Place – Miréa Henriquez
  • Sixth Place – Jeannine Grob

Wellness Division

  • First Place – Anna Mroczkowska
  • Second Place – Leonida Ciobu
  • Third Place – Maria Paulette
  • Fourth Place – Ayşegül Beşli
  • Fifth Place – Michelle Capponi
  • Sixth Place – Charline Mas


Congratulations to all those who were victorious at the 2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro.

Featured and other images courtesy of @wingsofstrength Instagram 


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