Claritox Pro Reviews – Is It the Right Supplement for You?


Claritox Pro Supplement Reviews

Claritox Pro be a herbal dietary supplement that promises to treat dizziness. Dizziness is that the feeling of dizziness and may cause lightheadedness or imbalance.

As most of the people grow old, they feel dizzy or as if things are moving or spinning around them while standing still. Nausea or vomiting also can accompany the sensations. Dizziness are often an early sign of another complications like toxin buildup, inflammation within the brain, and tinnitus.

Although there are many vertigo supplements within the market, most of them are expensive and don’t deliver the results that they promise. Claritox Pro provides all of the nutrients you would like to guard yourself from the issues, especially once you do not have access to nutritious foods. What are the customer reviews of Claritox Pro that indicate that the dietary supplement contains vital nutrients, including minerals and vitamins. This Claritox Pro test provides you with everything you would like for your purchase decision.


What Makes Claritox Pro Unique?

According to the manufacturer of Claritox Pro, it has the following properties:


100% pure and natural. Jim Benson claims that he sourced his ingredients from local growers who naturally allow the plants to reach full maturity.


Contains no additives. All the ingredients are grown without the addition of herbicides, pesticides, or any other chemicals.


Entirely effective. All the ingredients are adequately prepared and mixed in the right proportions to ensure they remain potent.


Claritox Pro is manufactured in the United States in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities. The facilities are regularly sterilized, following strict and precise standards.


There are no harmful toxins or dangerous stimulants in Claritox Pro.

Users may consume Claritox Pro without fear of getting addicted to these capsules.


Who is the Creator of Claritox Pro? 

Claritox Pro is a unique formula created by 67-year-old Jim Benson to help treat dizziness and improve your general health. According to this Memphis resident, he has spent ten years researching and studying to develop this plant-based nutritional supplement. He discovered the right plants and herbs to support the body systems’ good health and proper functioning in his study.

According to the official website, Claritox Pro is prepared at an FDA-approved facility here in the US by combining a particular ratio of minerals and plant extracts, namely: Green Tea, Zinc, Chromium, Milk Thistle, Red Korean Ginseng, Berberine, Cayenne, and Banaba.


What Can Cause Dizziness?

Dizziness is the disorienting feeling of being light-headed, usually accompanied by a feeling of things spinning around. Some people may feel nauseated or vomit after feeling light-headed. Various medical conditions that can cause dizziness include hypertension, high blood sugar, auditory system issues, vertigo, poor blood circulation, motion sickness, anemia, stroke, head injury, among others. You can reduce dizziness by:

Ensuring you drink enough fluids, especially water, throughout the day. Staying hydrated can reduce incidences of lightheadedness, mainly when the weather is hot. Strive to drink about eight ounces of clean water daily.

Ginger is a medicinal plant that has been used for ages to relieve symptoms of dizziness and motion sickness. To effectively consume ginger, add a freshly grounded piece to your food and beverages.

Ensure you get enough doses of vitamin C naturally from citric fruits, bell peppers, grapefruits, and strawberries. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that boosts your immunity, thus improving your general health.

Get enough iron in your diet. Iron helps produce red blood cells that ensure you have enough blood to carry vital nutrients to your entire body system. Foods rich in iron include dark beans, dark leafy vegetables, and lean poultry and beef proteins.

When you feel dizzy, ensure you lie down as soon as possible until you feel better.

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Claritox Pro Ingredients


Green Tea


Green Tea is extracted from the Camellia sinensis plant. Jim Benson claims to have used the dried leaves from the Green Tea plant to help improve your cognitive functions such as clarity and thinking. Green Tea extracts in Claritox Pro may help to bring down the levels of blood cholesterol in the system. Subsequently, this product improves blood circulation and aid in increasing body metabolism. As a result, regular use of Claritox Pro helps overweight people shed some weight when combined with other weight loss programs.


Zinc is a vital mineral that helps your body to produce cells and improve your immunity. While this mineral is not required in high amounts, Zinc deficiency is known to cause dizziness. Pregnant women with low Zinc levels can experience bouts of nausea and dizziness, especially in the first trimester. Jim Benson claims that the addition of Zinc in Claritox Pro will help pregnant women enjoy a peaceful gestation period.


Chromium is categorized as a trace element since it’s required in your body in minute amounts. According to the creator of Claritox Pro, the addition of this crucial element helps keep your blood sugars balanced. Chromium supports the production of enough insulin in your body, thus keeps the blood glucose in equilibrium.

Milk Thistle

Also referred to as Silymarin, this flowering herb is claimed to help lower cholesterol levels in your body, thus improving your heart health. Additionally, Milk Thistle can help type 2 diabetic patients regulate the blood sugars. Due to these properties, the manufacturer of Claritox Pro adds enough amounts of Milk Thistle to help improve your health and thus prevent spells of dizziness. 

Red Korean Ginseng

Red Korean Ginseng is an ancient Asian plant used for its medicinal properties. Red Korean Ginseng can help build your immunity, balance blood glucose, and improve your heart health. Jim Benson shares that he has used the required ginseng dosage in Claritox Pro to ensure users get the most benefits.


Berberine is composed of various plants, including barberry, tree turmeric, Oregon grape, and goldenseal. According to research, Berberine can be used to treat obesity, high blood glucose, and inflammation. Berberine works by ensuring your body cells work harmoniously to fight diseases with minimal side effects. As a result, the creator of Claritox Pro has added enough Berberine to the product to allow consumers to stay in good health.


Cayenne pepper is added in small amounts in Claritox Pro to provide users with therapeutic benefits such as pain-relieving. Similarly, cayenne helps increase body metabolism, which helps burn fats, aiding in weight loss.

How Does Claritox Pro Work?

Claritox Pro is formulated to work by targeting a weakened balance system. Weakness of the balance system is typically caused by poor functioning of the inner ear system due to the inadequate delivery of brain signals by neurotransmitters. The natural ingredients that make up the supplement are what help to reverse this problem.

They do so by increasing the effectiveness of sending the signals to the inner ear. Furthermore, these ingredients are packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – allowing them to flush out toxins from the body and reverse oxidative stress on cells. Due to this function, the inner ear system’s function is further reinforced for maximum effectiveness.

Keep in mind, however, the Claritox Pro dietary supplement is effective on its own. However, for the best results, you want to take the supplement while maintaining proper self-care. Make sure, you consume a balanced diet, exercise a little, and get enough rest and sleep.

Furthermore, you want to avoid strenuous activities that can easily induce dizziness. Nonetheless, you also want to remember that the Claritox Pro formula is a dietary supplement. Therefore, it will not treat all types of vertigo and dizziness related problems.

Additionally, one is advised to avoid using Claritox Pro as a replacement for their physician prescribed medication or treatment therapy. In fact, it is a good idea to consult your physician before you start taking the supplement if you are already under medication or therapy.

Why Choose Claritox Pro?

It has been generally seen that people do not pay attention to their nutritional needs. So, they are unable to help themselves in this regard, even if they do sometimes it is difficult for them to choose between pharma products and naturopathy.

Most people are unaware of the fact that naturopathy has recognized positive effects on the body with no side effects. Whereas among many people who are unaware, those who believe in the effectiveness of naturopathy would only opt for organic supplements.

In the meanwhile, you might still have some queries in your mind that must be unanswered. Such as, is it the utmost effective supplement with a registered company? Does it entail any kind of after-effects that may appear later in life? For how long one has to consume it in order to receive greater outcomes? Do one need to follow any particular diet plan along with the consumption of Claritox Pro supplements for better results?

As far as Claritox Pro is concerned, it has been mentioned by the production company that no additives or toxic substances are added to the blend. It is 100% pure and natural with all herbs and plant-based components. It does not leave any side effects on any part of your body.

Furthermore, in order to receive the best outcomes in terms of healthy brain functionality and balanced systems in the body, it is recommended to take full dosage. Also, you do not need to follow any precise diet plan, however, a healthy diet is always recommended for your overall health and well-being.

Dosage & Precautions for Claritox Pro

One bottle of Claritox Pro supplement is good enough of a month’s supply with 60 capsules in its packaging.

Taking two capsules a day is enough for your daily requirements. You should be continuing the consumption for as long as six months if possible to increase the effectiveness of Claritox Pro.

Claritox Pro supplement should be taken at a fixed duration every single day to increase its absorption as your body may get used to consuming and absorbing it at a fixed time every day.

There are some precautions too. Not every person can tolerate all kinds of natural supplements very well.

Some people may even be allergic to green tea, ginseng or other herbs added to this supplement.

The manufacturers request the customers to read through the label which has every important information on it before trying this supplement.

Pregnant women especially should refrain from taking supplements that contain herbs in excess as it may be very warm for them and not advisable at all.

If you have any other medical condition, kindly talk to your doctor before you take Claritox Pro Supplement.

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Benefits of Claritox Pro

Claritox Pro claims to help in:

1. Improving the health of your brain.

2.Reduce incidences of dizziness.

3. Prevent risky injuries caused by dizzy spells.

4. Boost the body’s immunity.


Claritox Pro Pricing

According to the official site, the Claritox Pro dietary supplement is exclusively available on The exclusive availability on the official site is done intentionally to protect customers against duplicators and scammers, ensuring they receive authentic supplements.

Therefore, you will not find supplements on marketplaces such as Amazon. At the moment, a single bottle of Claritox Pro is available for $69. However, the prices drop to as low as $49 per bottle if you opt for a multiple-bottle package. Currently, the prices on are as follows.

1 bottle: $69 + Free shipping

3 bottles: $177 + free shipping

6 bottles: $294 + free shipping

Each Claritox Pro bottle contains about 60 capsules to last you for 30 days. You want to take two capsules every morning to experience optimal results throughout the day. For the best and long-lasting results, you want to take the supplements non-stop for at least 90 to 180 days.

Claritox Pro Refund Policy

Each Claritox Pro bottle from any package comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. With the 60-day refund policy, you can use the supplements for up to 2 months after purchase risk free. If you don’t notice any changes or improvements within this timeline, you can always request a full refund.


Is Claritox Pro Worth Buying?

If you suffer from constant dizzy spells, Claritox Pro claims to help permanently prevent such experiences. Claritox Pro guarantees consumers the effectiveness of this product. Users have 60 days to try Claritox Pro, and if you do not experience any changes, you can ship back the bottle to get a full refund.



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