How I Lost Weight: Tekeem Lost 38 Pounts And Inspired Others To Lose Weight Too

My name is Tekeema Parson, I am the founder of Virtual Workout Crew, Inc.  VWC is a group of over 50 professional women who motivate, inspire, and encourage each other through today’s technology (facebook, texting, email, etc) to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

VWC was founded in April 2009 by myself after I was sick of living an unhealthy lifestyle.  I decided to join a gym and workout 5days a week…to date I’ve lost 38lbs and several of my members have lost over 70lbs.  We never workout together and the members are all across the US, from NC to Detroit, to VA, to NY, to FL to CA.

In June 2010, we are taking a trip to Miami, FL to celebrate our one year anniversary and all of the weight loss. This will be a great opportunity for us to meet each other. I have scheduled a professional photoshoot in celebration of all of our accomplishment.

I’ve never been prouder of my group of diverse women who have been inspired by my decision and are now living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Source: iReports


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