One Woman’s Lifesaving Slimdown

The inspiring success story of MC Hudson. She lost 52 pounds the healthy way and now she is sexier and healthier than ever before.

MC Hudson, 46 of Madison, Mississippi figured out fast that she’d better lose big after her brother died of a heart attack.

When my 44-year-old brother Curtis died of a heart attack in 2004, I realized the same thing could happen to me. He was obese, after all, and I had to admit to myself that I was overweight, too.

But when I went for a physical, I was shocked to see that the scale read 200 pounds. I asked my doctor for diet pills, but she told me to call the 800-number for Weight Watchers instead.

In January 2005, I went to my first meeting and learned that my biggest problem was slathering “healthy” food with not-so-healthy toppings. Immediately, my diet changed. I swapped diet busters for less-fattening fare. To make exercise easy, my husband and I turned a spare room into a gym.

By January 2006, I’d lost 50 pounds; I’ve kept it off and lost 2 more since. I’m healthier than I have ever been—and I know Curtis would be proud.

“Now I feel magnificent!”

Before Now
Pounds: 200 148
Size: 16–18 4–6
Total lost: 52

Timeline to Slim:
• 200 lbs, January 2005—First Weight Watchers meeting. Nervous.
• 194 lbs, January 2005—Lost 6 pounds after the first week!
• 175 lbs, May 2005—I’m 25 pounds smaller. Food diaries work.
• 150 lbs, January 2006—Ditched the granny panties!
• 148 lbs, Now—Love my toned body. People say they want my arms!

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