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Oral hygiene is an important process worth mastering. However, it is not always easy to find the ideal solution for one's teeth. Well, there needn't be any more worry thanks to the Steel Bite Pro supplement. The Steel Bite Pro supplement is designed to be used by anyone. 

This all-natural dietary supplement integrates up to 29 unique super foods that help to rebuild gums and teeth whilst fighting any dental problems. One can call it an all dental solution. But how exactly does it do this incredible work?  The sections below comprehensively cover just how the Steel Bite Pro supplement works.

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Steel Bite Pro Overview

In the human mouth, the saliva is not only there to prevent the mouth from drying. The saliva plays an important role in keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Saliva reaches every area of the mouth – which makes it important for the teeth and gums.  In fact, it is formulated with antibacterial programs thanks to the numerous vitamins and minerals it contains. 

Thus, this is why it is formulated to reach every part of the teeth and gums. However, the power that saliva offers is somewhat limited. On its own, it cannot keep up with the demands of keeping the teeth and gums free of bacteria and plaque. 

The Steel Bite Pro supplement works with one’s saliva to turn it into a powerful weapon that breaks down tar and destroys bacteria.  The supplement integrates a host of strong herbs and spices in its formula which improves tooth and gum health. 

What Is Steel Bite Pro Capsules?

Steel bite Pro is an all-natural supplement designed to improve gum and tooth health whilst fighting off any disease. Whilst gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath cost oral hygiene, they still cannot be used to determine how good it is.

However, the problem arises when life-threatening bacteria swarm the teeth, hide inside the gums, eat through the roots, and spread to the throat, nose, and airways. Unbeknownst to many people, there is no medication to fully address this problem.

Therefore, the only solution is to weaponize the saliva – as it reaches every part of the mouth – to help disinfect and strengthen the teeth and gums. This is exactly what Steel Bite Pro does. This formula is not only natural but inexpensive and with no side effects.

Steel Bite Pro Ingredients List:

The Steel Bite Pro supplement contains up to 29 potent ingredients sourced from the Alps, India, Western China, and plantains in South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia to deliver maximum results.

Turmeric - An antimicrobial herb, it aids in removing plaque, bacteria, and inflammation. In fact, turmeric can be used as a natural mouthwash as it is more effective than commercially available mouth wash. Turmeric boasts anti-inflammatory properties too.

Milk Thistle - Milk Thistle helps to treat liver damage caused by heavy metals such as mercury and lead. Similarly, it does the same for teeth. Heavy metals exist in several items that can reach the mouth such as dental fillings.

Therefore, substances such as milk thistle help to detoxify the mouth and body from such elements. Additionally, milk thistle contains a compound known as Silymarin which also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

Yarrow - Yarrow increases fibroblasts - cells that are responsible for regenerating connective tissues and helping the body to recover from injury.

Beetroot - Sure, one may simply think that beetroot only stains the teeth. However, it doesn't more than this. Beetroot is important in preventing tooth decay. The body converts beetroot into nitric oxide to power the saliva with healing properties. Furthermore, the nitric oxide slows the growth of acid-producing bacteria found in plaque. 

Dandelion - Dandelion in the supplement offers a host of minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Alfafa - Alfafa is used to reduce sensitivity and strengthen the teeth.

Jujube seeds - Native to Southern Asia, jujube seeds are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C offers high antioxidant and immune-boosting properties.

Zinc - Zinc is naturally found in the saliva in trace amounts and the supplement. It is excellent at fighting bacteria growth and plaque. Furthermore, zinc accentuates one’s tasting and smelling abilities.

Grape Seed Extract - Grape seed extracts aids in preventing common foodborne bacteria.

Ginger - Ginger contains gingerol to help fight off bacteria and prevent infections.

Feverfew - Feverfew acts as a natural pain reliever without causing any side effects that medications such as aspirin do.

Methionine and L Cysteine - A blend of these amino acids plays an essential role in detoxifying the body and mouth.

Other Ingredients - Other ingredients include artichoke, chanca piedra (a herb sourced from South America), red raspberry, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, chicory root, celery seeds, and yellow dock.

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How Does Steel Bite Pro Works?

The Steel Bite Pro supplement works in six common steps. In the first step, it breaks the existing plaque and tar that loosens the gums to create an environment to help easily fight bacteria. To make this process easily executable, the supplement contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herbs.

The second step is to locate the bacteria colonies and destroy them. This process inadvertently helps to fight bleeding and inflammation as well. This process uses a combination of herb trio to deliver the functions. 

The third step integrates tightening loose gums, healing wounds, and cementing teeth roots. In this process, Yarrow in the supplements plays an important role. Beetroot is also used to execute this process.

The fourth step is to strengthen the teeth crown by filling them with minerals and vitamins. One can even refer to this step as repairing cracked walls. This step highly relies on dandelion, alfalfa, jujube seeds, and zinc.

The fifth step is to purify and detoxify the gut and balance the bacteria in the mouth. This process is reliant on a blend of chicory root, celery seeds, and yellow dock. These plants play an important role in eliminating inflammation and improving mineral absorption for healthier teeth,

The final step is the completion of oral rejuvenation to create a shield on the teeth and gum surface. This process prevents future bacteria attacks on the teeth and gums. This process relies on grape seed extract, ginger, and fever few.

Steel Bite Pro Pills Dosage

The Steel Bite Pro supplement comes in capsule form. It is recommended to take 2 capsules each day with a large glass of water. One can choose to take the capsules anytime – although most users normally do so in the morning or evening. A single capsule bottle contains 60 capsules which means that a bottle suffices for a month.

Within 3 to 4 days of taking the supplements, many people report seeing results. But, this doesn’t mean that the user should stop there. It is highly recommended to continue using the supplement for maximum results. Typically, a bottle of Steel Bite Pro stops bleeding and receding gums whilst regaining a healthy look and feel. 

3 bottles which equal three month supply are enough to stop pain and infection – so one no longer has to spend cash on cleaning the teeth, extractions, or painful root canals. 6 bottles that equal 6 months' supply will tighten loose gums and cement the teeth tooth.

Furthermore, using the supplement for this duration helps to strengthen the teeth crown and turn the saliva into a super strong shield for the teeth and gums – one can say that this duration seals the sixth step for irreversible results.

Benefits of Steel Bite Pro

  • Protects teeth and body against heavy metal poisoning
  • Stops bleeding and receding gums
  • Gives the teeth and gums a healthier look and feel
  • Prevents pain and infections
  • Removes the toughest plaque build up
  • Prevents gingivitis and periodontal diseases
  • Stops bad breath 
  • and increases one’s confidence
  • Provides anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties for the teeth, gums, and body

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  • Reduces the frequency of visits to the dentist
  • 100% natural formulation with no side effects
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The more supplements purchased, the more the cost is reduced
  • Available for purchase on the official site to prevent duplicators
  • Secure click back payment page to protect the customer’s financial information


  • Only available for purchase online
  • Not available in Amazon and Walmart.

Steel Bite Pro Cost

The Steel Bite Pro supplement is available in a choice of three value packages. The first package is a single 60 capsule bottle. Instead of $99, a single bottle costs $69. Alternatively, one can opt for three 60 capsule bottles. For this package, one will pay $59 instead of $99 – thus, saving up to 40 per bottle. Therefore, for three bottles, one will pay $177 instead of $297. 

However, to enjoy the maximum value, one can opt for the six 60 capsule bottles. With this offer, each bottle costs only $49 instead of $99. Therefore, one will pay a total of $294 instead of $594. The three and six capsule bottle packages come with free shipping too. Furthermore, for each bottle purchased, the customer will also enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee at no extra cost.


The Steel Bite Pro is effectively formulated to tackle teeth and gum problems whilst strengthening them and improving overall health. This supplement doesn’t only offer an unbeatable oral hygiene solution but contributes to improving the overall body health as well. 

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